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FTISLAND Hit New Peak on World Albums With ‘Where’s the Truth?’

FTISLAND celebrate their first Top 5 entry on World Albums as new LP 'Where's the Truth' swoops into the charts for the top-selling K-pop album in America.

Just last year, FTISLAND earned their first entry on Billboard‘s World Albums chart when their hard-rocking I Will effort entered the Top 10. By continuing to spotlight a harder sound, the K-pop-rock act now celebrates its first Top 5 entry as its new LP Where’s the Truth? swoops into the chart for the top-selling K-pop album in America this week.

Where’s the Truth? starts at No. 5 on World Albums, earning the quintet its highest-charting entry on the chart to date. The LP is FTISLAND’s sixth full-length Korean album to date and marks one of their most personal releases to date with the members writing, composing and producing the nine-track LP, including main vocalist, Lee Honggi, co-writing and producing lead single “Take Me Now.”

As indicated on I Will‘s standout single “Pray” last year, this is a band looking to present an edgier sound to the K-pop scene. Now on Where’s the Truth?, the listener is sucked into that sensibility even more so, as opening track “Out of Love” lays down an intense mood while Honggi bellows that he’s washing his hands clean of relationship before racing, haunting rock production follows. That direction continues with standouts like “Take Me Now” and spasticity intense “Paparazzi.” But one of the most impressive cuts comes via the sentimental “Stand by Me,” where Honggi croons English lyrics boasting the same emotional punch of any native speaker.

But for as hard as the album can get, Where’s the Truth? also boasts lighter moments. “Mask” feels like a nod to the rock-pop of FTISLAND’s earlier work while “Wonderful Life” has a fun, carefree vibe with its catchy chants and chorus. The LP closes with rock ballad “We Are…” indicating that while Where’s the Truth? may have a hard-rock center, the band still has delightful variety and surprises to offer.