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The Forum Opens Checkout-Free Store With Amazon Technology

Amazon’s checkout- free technology is coming to the its first West Coast arena. Tonight, the Forum in Inglewood, Calif. will activate Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology during the Eagles Hotel California 2021 Tour.  

The new store, located at the north end of the Forum’s main floor, will sell concertgoers snacks, hot food and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages without the hassle of waiting in line. Forum staff will be present to check IDs for alcoholic beverages, restock items and assist with the new technology.  

After fans enter through the store’s gates with their credit card, Just Walk Out technology detects what they take from or return to the shelves. When fans have completed their shopping experience, they will be able to simply leave the store and their credit card will be charged for the items they left with. 


The Forum, which was sold to LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer in May 2020, has been working with Amazon Web Services to track players on the court and is expanding their relationship with the online retailer for what the Clippers hope is the first of many checkout-free experiences. The NBA’s Clippers are expected to open their brand-new 18,000-capacity arena, Intuit Dome, near the Forum in 2024.  

President of business operations for the Clippers Gillian Zucker — who also oversees the Forum, the Agua Caliente Clippers and the development of Intuit Dome — says the arena’s soft rollout of the store has been a “screaming success” and she suspects the technology will be utilized more over the years.

“As people are walking out, they are looking around like, ‘That’s it? Isn’t there something else I should do?'” Zucker jokes. “That experience is exactly what we’re looking for for people. There is a time when I believe that this will become commonplace.”


Zucker adds that the technology will be used throughout the upcoming Intuit Dome. “The idea is that you create a friction-free experience for fans as they’re coming to the facility. It can be utilized for ticketing technology, for security, for any kind of transaction that you might experience, even, authentication as you’re entering into a club or a suite.”

According to Zucker, the Forum is excited about the prospect of adding more Just Walk Out stands at the 55-year old arena but will start with one since it is “is a pretty sizable capital investment.” 

The Forum’s checkout-free store will officially open tonight (Oct. 19) at 6pm when the Forum opens its doors for the Eagles’ show.