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Flood Bumstead McCready & McCarthy Owners Ushered Into New Leadership Roles

Powerhouse Nashville business and financial management firm Flood Bumstead McCready & McCarthy's owners and business managers have taken on more clearly defined leadership roles.

Powerhouse Nashville business and financial management firm Flood Bumstead McCready & McCarthy’s owners and business managers have taken on more clearly defined leadership roles “in the strategic oversight of the firm to guarantee continuity of its clients’ financial management and security for decades to come,” according to a press release. Previously, Julie Boos, Jamie Cheek, Duane Clark, Carmen Romano and Trey Dunaway forewent formal titles at the company. 

In the newly named executive roles, Boos, Cheek, Clark, Romano and Dunaway have taken on day-to-day management of the firm. The moves are part of a succession plan the firm’s founding owners Chuck Flood, Frank Bumstead and Mary Ann McCready designed in 2000 intended to ensure FBMM may offer long-term support to its clients and cultivate opportunities for staff members to grow as leaders inside the firm. ?


McCready spoke highly of the team and their new duties.  

“These leaders are among the most highly regarded business managers in our industry and have worked with us to steer FBMM for a number of years,” she said in a statement. “Together, we created a collaborative team of professionals who have a deep understanding of our industry and will achieve the most advantageous results for our clients for generations to come.”

Boos will oversee the firms resources and client services as chairman. Cheek is stepping up as president, setting the vision for the company’s continued growth. Clark will lead the implementation of FBMM’s strategic plan as vice chairperson. Romano is now vice president, as well as head of the firm’s New York office and dean of FBMM’s learning and teaching academy, which educates the firm’s future leaders. And, finally, Dunaway will serve as CFO, treasurer and chief of compliance. 

The firm’s founding owners Chuck Flood, Frank Bumstead and McCready will advance their roles as full-time business managers for their clients. Additionally, they all remain active on boards, including the Country Music Association, Country Music Hall of Fame, Memorial Foundation and Country Radio Broadcasters. They will also continue to advocate for the W.O. Smith Music School.


“Our longstanding clients and their other advisers want to know that the artists are, in word and deed, taken care of for the rest of their lives,” McCready said. “Chuck, Frank and I all feel strongly that the firm’s fiduciary and diligent oversight is independent of any one, two or three individuals. Nothing is more important than our clients’ financial well-being, so we purposefully selected a formidable team of passionate leaders and trusted advisers to next govern FBMM.”