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25 Flamenco Albums That Could Have Been Contenders For the Canceled 2019 Latin Grammy Category: Listen

Here, for your consideration, are 25 albums-from Spanish guitar to flamenco pop-that could have been contenders at the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards.

There is no best flamenco album category for the 2019 Latin Grammys. Entries that were approved by a committee as potential nominees did not meet the 25-album quota required to maintain a category in the running, resulting in the suspension of the flamenco field this year.   

The absence of the flamenco category belies the robust state of the genre and the recordings by diverse artists that were released from June 1st, 2018 to May 31st, 2019, the eligibility period for the Latin Grammys. The suspension of the category this year is a blow to a genre that is both cherished patrimony and popular music in Spain, where flamenco releases are typically found on the top of the chart.

Contemporary flamenco also has an obsessively faithful, if niche, audience around the world. The Latin Grammys have traditionally been an opportunity for flamenco musicians to reach listeners who might otherwise have not been aware of their existence, and also to connect with international producers and promoters.


While the fate of flamenco at the Latin Grammys has, for this year, been sealed, the music is still out there for the listening. Here, for your consideration, are 25 albums-from Spanish guitar to flamenco pop-that could have been contenders at the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards (This is a general list of albums that came out during the eligibility period, not necessarily albums presented for inclusion in the category): 

Artist: Estrella Morente

Album: Copla (Universal Music Spain)

Artist: Niño de Elche

Album: Colombiana (Sony Music Spain)

Artist: Las Migas

Album: Cuatro (Satélite K)

Artist: Chicuelo

Album: Uña y Carne (Accords Croises)

Artist: Mariola Membrives

Album: Lorca, Spanish Songs (Karonte)

Artist: Pepe Luis Carmona Habichuela

Album: Mil Caminos Y Un Cantaor (Universal Music Spain)

Artist: Moisés Vargas

Album: Lo Que Mi Alma Calla (La Droguería)

Artist: Diego Amador

Album: Vivir (Nuevos Medios)

Artist: José Mercé, Tomatito

Album: De Verdad (Universal Music Spain)

Artist: Demarco Flamenco

Album: Le Sonrió al Agua (Warner Music Spain)

Artist: Maui

Album: Por Arte de Magía (Maui)

Artist: Camarón De La Isla, Tomatito

Album: Live At Montreux 1991 (Universal Music Spain)

Artist: Salmonete

Album: Soltaron Los Cabos (LB Flamenco)

Artist: Miguel Poveda

Album: El Tiempo Pasa Volando (Universal Music Spain)

Artist: Santiago Lara

Album: La Guitarra en el Tiempo (La Bodega)

Artist: José Del Tomate

Album: Plaza Vieja (Universal Music Spain)

Artist: Dúo del Mar

Album: Dúo del Mar (Dúo del Mar)

Artist: María Toledo

Album: Corazonada (Universal Music Spain)

Artist: Miguel Laví

Album: Viejos Retales (Universal Music Spain)

Artist: Alvaro Martinete

Album: Seis Verdades (El Gallo Azul)


Artist: Rocío Márquez

Album: Visto En El Jueves (Universal Music Spain)

Artist: Joselito Silva

Album: El Color de Tu Risa (La Voz del Flamenco)

Artist: Alicia Morales

Album: La Novia de Cristal (Droguería Music)

Artist: Saúl Quirós

Album: Fin de Fiesta

Artist: Isaac Muñoz

Album: Calle de la Melodía