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Fetty Wap Arrested for Making Death Threat, Pointing Gun on FaceTime Call

The rapper's $500,000 bail on federal drug charges was revoked as a result of the allegations.

Fetty Wap was arrested Monday morning (Aug. 8) for pointing a gun and threatening to kill someone on a FaceTime call while awaiting trial on federal drug charges.

Federal prosecutors asked a judge to revoke bail last week, citing a video call in which the “Trap Queen” rapper (real name Willie Junior Maxwell II) allegedly pointed a gun at the camera, threatened to kill the person on the other end, and called someone else a “rat.”

The rapper was taken into custody Monday in Newark, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, and his $500,000 bail was revoked later in the day at a federal courthouse on Long Island.


Fetty Wap was arrested in late October at Rolling Loud New York, charged along with several others with conspiracy to distribute and possess illegal drugs including heroin, fentanyl and cocaine. At the time, prosecutors called the operation “a multimillion-dollar bicoastal drug distribution organization” that had transported more than 100 kilograms of narcotics from California and distributed them on Long Island. If convicted, he faces a lifetime prison sentence.

After pleading not guilty to the charges, the rapper was released from jail in November on a $500,000 bond. But according to last week’s filing, he quickly violated the terms of that release during a December call on FaceTime with an unidentified “John Doe” recipient.

“During this video, the defendant is shown holding a gun and pointing it towards John Doe,” a federal agent wrote in an affidavit attached to the motion to revoke bond. “The defendant then says to John Doe ‘Imma kill you and everybody you with,’ which he then repeats one more time. The defendant then continues to threaten John Doe, saying ‘I’m gonna kill you,’ a threat which he repeats several more times throughout the video call. Additionally, after John Doe called the defendant a rat, the defendant responded by saying, ‘Your man is a rat.”

The filing included screenshots of the call that allegedly show the rapper brandishing the handgun. It’s unclear why the video took nearly 9 months to surface.

The revocation of bond means that Fetty Wap will remain in jail until he faces trial. A trial date has not yet been scheduled. His attorneys did not immediately return a request for comment on Monday.

Read the full accusations from prosecutors here: