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Fall Out Boy Video Q&A: On the Hiatus and Piecing ‘Save Rock and Roll’ Together

Fall Out Boy has been back from hiatus for just three months, and already the band has kicked off a tour, released a No. 1 album, and sent the set's first single into the top 20 on the Billboard Hot…

Fall Out Boy has been back from hiatus for just three months, and the band has already kicked off a tour, released a No. 1 album and sent the set’s first single into the Top 20 on the Hot 100 chart. But in a new video Q&A, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz tells Billboard, “If the music hadn’t been right, I don’t know if we would have come back.”

It’s part of the reason why the band — Wentz, vocalist Patrick Stump, guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley — reunited and recorded “Save Rock and Roll” in secret, denying reunion rumors and keeping fans in the dark about their fifth studio album until the project was completed.

Pete Wentz Q&A: Why Fall Out Boy’s Reunion Needed To Be A Secret

And they always intended to come back from the three-year hiatus that began in late 2009, Stump says. “We were very sure that this was just gonna be a break and that was the plan.” He added, “It’s almost like the whole hiatus was to help the band.”

Not much has changed since the band announced their reunion on Feb. 4, 2013, but the writing process for “Save Rock and Roll” was different from how the quartet worked together in the past. On the band’s first four albums, Stump says, “Pete and I would write… and sometimes you’re just so prolific and you work so smoothly together than we would have 16 songs done before the other dudes had even heard them.

“From the outset, (“Save Rock And Roll”) had more involvement from the four of us,” the vocalist, who released his debut solo album “Soul Punk” while the band was on a break, continued. The inclusion of all four members in the writing process is evident in the album liner notes, where Stump, Wentz, Trohman and Hurley all are credited individually.

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The album’s first single, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up),” has been charting on the Hot 100 for 13 weeks, peaking at No. 15 on May 4. Each member has a favorite pick for the follow-up single, but it’s not quite time to make a decision on that front, said Wentz.

“The best problem that we have right now, that we honestly didn’t expect, is that ‘Light ‘Em Up’ is far from reaching its shelf-life and being done,” he explained. “So we’ll worry about the next single when we get to that. Right now we’re worrying about finishing all 11 videos for the album. And that’s been chaos.”

If you have a suggestion for which of the 11 “Save Rock And Roll” tracks should be released as Fall Out Boy’s next single, Wentz said that you should let the band know on Twitter at @FallOutBoy.

Fall Out Boy kicks off an almost-sold-out U.S. tour on May 13 in Wisconsin, for which the headliners still have not been announced. “We’re gonna bring out some bands that we think are interesting and that we think our fans should check out,” says Wentz. An arena tour with Panic! at the Disco is slated to follow in the fall, kicking off Sept. 5 in Connecticut.