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Facebook Engineering Director Departs for Music-Related Startup

What is Cute Little Apps Limited? We have no idea -- but we may be hearing a lot about the London-based company soon.

Lars Rasmussen, the Danish software engineer whose company Where 2 Technologies was acquired in 2004 by and transformed into Google Maps, has departed his most recent position as director of engineering at Facebook to work on an unnamed music startup with fiance Elomida Visviki. The UK’s filing repository Companies House lists Cute Little Apps as having incorporated in Sept., 2013 and being located in the Southwark neighboorhood of London.

In a statement, Rasmussen described the venture as “a new and exciting way to compose and experience music,” presenting an opportunity that was “way too much fun to postpone any longer.” The statement points to a venture comfortably outside of the streaming space — a crowded and convoluted market if there ever was one — while the company’s name, and Visviki’s description of it as a “super-duper still-stealthy cute little startup,” hint at a simple experience, albeit one with a leading mind in computer science behind it.


Facebook issued a statement on the departure, describing it as amicable and writing that “we’re a company of entrepreneurs and now that Facebook at Work is off the ground and growing quickly we understand Lars’ desire to return to his startup roots. We wish him the very best.”