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EXID Score First Top 5 Entry on World Albums With ‘Eclipse’ EP

EXID's chart rankings have been consistently growing since 2014 with their latest 'Eclipse' EP, led by lead single "Night Rather Than Day," scoring them a new accomplishment.

After scoring an unexpected viral breakout hit with “Up&Down” in 2014, EXID‘s subsequent chart rankings have been consistently growing with their latest scoring them a new accomplishment.

EXID’s Eclipse EP debuts at No. 4 on Billboard‘s World Albums chart this week marking the group’s highest ranking and their first top five entry on the tally to date. Previously, the group sent two entries to World Albums including a 2015 EP titled Ah Yeah (which peaked at No. 12) and their first full-length album from last year Street (which hit No. 9).


Eclipse is also the best-selling K-pop album in America this week. This is another first for the girl group who, despite charting previous titles, could never claim to have the biggest-selling release week in the U.S.

While their biggest success yet on the Billboard charts, EXID’s return is a bit atypical. While the group has favored in-your-face pop tracks — see “Hot Pink,” “L.I.E” or “Ah Yeah” — their new release slows things down a bit and simplifies their formula this time. Most likely influenced by vocalist Solji needing to miss recording and promotions due to thyroid issues, the remaining four ladies deliver more subtle tracks as seen with their jazz-tinged lead single “Night Rather Than Day” with a chorus where even group rapper-producer member LE can take lead. Meanwhile, opening track “Boy” utilizes the same minimal, electro-R&B technique that’s helped Marian Hill break out.

All in all, EXID take the unfavorable situation of missing a member and smartly play to their remaining strengths — instead of trying to overcompensate for the absent voice — for an artistic (and chart) success. Watch a four-piece EXID perform “Boy” below: