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Executive of the Week: Cardi B’s Business Partner Brooklyn Johnny

Cardi B's business partner Brooklyn Johnny helped shepherd the Cardi-Megan Thee Stallion collaboration "WAP" to a record-breaking debut atop the charts — and earned the title of Billboard's Executive…

“You wanna know why ‘WAP’ did so well?” asks Brooklyn Johnny in a recent interview with Billboard. The executive producer, entrepreneur and CEO of District 18 Entertainment has been Cardi B’s closest collaborator for years, and he explains that although the song’s explicit language offended some, its frankness “hit home with a lot of people.”

But another reason “WAP,” which features Megan Thee Stallion, landed the No. 1 spot on the Hot 100 for the second week after its record-breaking debut was because of the moves Brooklyn Johnny himself made behind the scenes to bring the massive record to life —  helping it hit home with a broad audience. For that, he has earned yet another title: Billboard’s Executive of the Week.


Among the challenges he tackled: “How do we clean this record enough so that it could play on the radio…and not make it sound wack?” Creating “a clean version that they could possibly [play on] TikTok and people could listen to who are behind the age barrier” posed another hurdle, he says. “Cardi is an overachiever. So with her, she’s like, ‘I want my record to chart top 10 when it comes out.’ I know that’s the way her thoughts are. So like, this thing cannot be excluded from any medium, you get what I’m saying? Because if it is, then we’re not going to get that audience that we need. So that was one of the bigger challenges. Getting the arrangement so that both girls loved the record, and then making sure that I made the edits that I made to it so that it could live everywhere.”

Read the full interview with Brooklyn Johnny about how “WAP” came together here.

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