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Exclusive: Fool’s Gold to Release ‘Draft Picks 2014’ Compilation Through BitTorrent

Brooklyn label Fool's Gold has announced the release of a free BitTorrent bundle, 'Draft Picks,' featuring unreleased tracks from new signees including Salva, Girafage, and Troyboi. The compilation…

Brooklyn label Fool’s Gold has announced the release of a free BitTorrent Bundle, Draft Picks 2014, featuring unreleased tracks from new signees including Salva, Giraffage, and Troyboi. The compilation also features an assortment of demos, leaks, remixes, and remastered material. 

“Fool’s Gold has always been a label run by DJs,” label co-founder Nick Catchdubs tells Billboard. “We release music that resonates with us, songs we want to play.” He continues:


EDM has become a pejorative term in some circles, people treat it like hair metal. We wanted to show another side of dance music, and push all our new signings as a collective force. Each of these Draft Picks artists is unique in his own right, but together they really represent an alternate Fool’s Gold perspective on this scene. 

It’s important to check all this music out as a whole, that’s why we linked with BitTorrent. They have a great system for sharing multimedia bundles, and they were really enthusiastic about partnering with us to help promote the Draft Picks artists. We want people to listen to all the songs and get turned on to acts they might not have checked for otherwise. Maybe your personal taste in electronics leans towards the chiller, Giraffage-y side of things . . . we still want you to know what TroyBoi is doing, and engage with his amped up, clever take on festival-ready trap tunes. It’s all in the same zip.

Plus, we wanted to have fun with the concept, hence the trading cards. Everything from the name to the look and feel of the package is our flip on ’90s NBA graphics and all the old trading cards we used to collect. (The stick of gum is just because we’re goofballs.) People are responding so positively to it already, we want to print physical versions for fans to collect at the Day Off events this fall!

Draft Picks 2014 can be downloaded here and streamed below. Find the full tracklist after that.

BitTorrent bundles are becoming an increasingly common way for artists to release material — it’s how Madonna distributed her human rights documentary secretprojectrevolution, De La Soul released the mixtape Smell the Da.I.S.Y, and rapper G-Eazy‘s unleashed promotional material that helped his album These Things Happen hit No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

Exclusive: Fool's Gold to Release 'Draft Picks 2014' Compilation Through BitTorrent

“We’re trying to build an independent record store — a place where you can go and get lost in a piece of content,” BitTorrent chief content officer Matt Mason told Billboard in June. “iTunes was built by Apple for the major labels and it’s focused on selling singles. If you look at the artists using Bundles, yes they want to sell singles. But, they’re more interested in building a direct connection with the fan that they can continue to monetize in a sustainable way.”

Draft Picks tracklist:
1. Salva ft. Scottie B & Astronomar, “3rd World” 
2. Giraffage, “Be With You”
3. High Klassified, “Hyrule Kastle”
4. Hoodboi, “Bug-A-Boo”
5. Shash’U, “Thru Da Night”
6. gLAdiator, “Assembly Line”
7. TroyBoi, “Till the AM”
8. Brenmar ft. Rush Davis, “Medusa”