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Everfest Launches Cross-Festival Rewards Program

Festival editorial and membership platform Everfest is launching a rewards program for festival-goers.

Festival editorial and membership platform Everfest is launching a rewards program for festival-goers. The platform will allow fans to earn points on their purchases across festivals similar to the way Fandango provides special offers for movie tickets.

Everfest has teamed up with premier festival promoter C3 Presents to pilot the program with five partner events such as Austin City Limits Music Festival and Lollapalooza. The platform intends to have hundreds of major independent music festivals on board by the 2019 season.

“Everfest Ticket Rewards finally gives festival fans the purchase and rewards experience they’re accustomed to in so many other industries,” said Jay Manickam, founder and CEO of Everfest in a release. “One place to buy all of your tickets. It’s a concept that goes beyond festivals to the entire experience economy.”

By using Everfest Ticket Rewards, fans will be able to earn points they can redeem for rewards like VIP upgrades, free general admission or merchandise. Rewards can be used at the time of purchase or redeemed at a later time through the platform and will vary from festival to festival. Fans who join Everfest Premium will accumulate points faster and unlock exclusive bonus perks.


While ticketing for festivals is currently spread out amongst various platforms, Everfest plans to integrate major ticketing providers like Eventbrite and Front Gate Tickets, to streamline the buying process. With the recently raised $3.6 million Series A led by Live Nation and ATX Seed Ventures, Everfest also hopes to provide a full travel and accommodation experience so a fan can earn rewards on their entire festival adventure.

“A fan has no loyalty to a ticketing platform,” said Manickam in a release. “They have events they love, but they buy the tickets from whichever product that event happens to use. If those events are all in one place, that’s the only way they can earn rewards they can use anywhere – their festival life finally has a home.”

Everfest currently boasts 700,000 festival-loving members with 20,000 festivals listed and 4,000 festival organizers actively managing their profiles. The festival community platform offers fans one place to buy tickets at face value and earn rewards across the festival ecosystem.

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