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Eventbrite Partners With Instagram to Bring Tickets to Profile Pages

When fans visit the Instagram page of Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas, they'll be able to buy tickets to the three-day festival headlined by The Weeknd, Florence + the Machine and Arcade Fire without…

When fans visit the Instagram page of Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas, they’ll be able to buy tickets to the three-day festival (Sept. 21-23) headlined by The Weeknd, Florence + the Machine and Arcade Fire without leaving the Instagram mobile app.

The festival is one of the first events to participate in a new Eventbrite partnership with Instagram, the photo-sharing social network owned by Facebook. 

“Life is Beautiful has a highly engaged and enthusiastic community on Instagram and it has long been one of the most powerful channels for us to reach fans,” Life is Beautiful CEO Justin Weniger tells Billboard. “The Eventbrite integration with Instagram has proved to help deliver an even better ticket buying experience.”


The Eventbrite/Instagram integration is part of a larger initiative at the the social network to provide businesses with more tools for interacting with their customers. That includes new messaging options and action buttons for booking reservations at restaurants and buying movie tickets, part of Instagram’s efforts to make it easier for companies that operate on the platform to conduct business through the photo-sharing site.

For Eventbrite, the new functionality is “a continuation of our Facebook partnership over the last few years to develop a commerce integration and the ability to buy tickets directly on Facebook,” Scott Van Brunt, head of partnerships for Eventbrite tells Billboard

“This an extension of that work and we’re excited because Instagram is a critical marketing channel for our clients and a place where fans spend a lot of time,” he explains. “We’re helping them turn browsing into ticket sales and work with Instagram to make the platform more actionable.”


Eventbrite is the first event ticketing company to integrate with the social media platform, enabling its event creators to add a “Get Tickets” button to the profile page of their Instagram business account. Fans who click the button will be shown a list of events and the integration makes it simple to purchase tickets without leaving the app. More than 80 percent of Instagram business profiles exist outside of the U.S. and the integration is available in all of the markets where Eventbrite operates including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand.

The “Get Tickets” button will replace the tiny URL most organizers drop in their bio to push fans to the ticket checkout and is more streamlined and easy to use, automatically puling in a buyer’s name and email from their Instagram profile.

“This integration will have a large impact on conversion rates and make it much easier for fans to buy tickets,” Van Brunt explains. “Based on the ticketing integration we did with Facebook, we saw that that same integration (doubled) the conversion rate.”

Eventbrite users can learn how to add a Buy Button to their profile by clicking here.