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Eventbrite and Bandsintown Announce Partnership: Exclusive

Eventbrite, a ticketing platform with more than two million events a year, and the concert discover app Bandsintown are set to announce a new partnership.

Starting today (Dec. 6), Eventbrite users will have seamless access to Bandsintown's 30 million registered users with the first integration ever of the live music app's ad solution tool, "Bandsintown Promoter" into the ticketing platform's ecosystem. This will allow Eventbrite users to promote shows targeted to Bandsintown fans based on artist preference, which is available as a paid option with any event.

The second phase of the deal is slated to launch early 2017 and will enable the discovery and end-to-end purchase of Eventbrite shows within the Bandsintown app and website. This will be the first time the show ticket will appear within the Bandsintown app as a barcode for scan entry.

"Over 50% of our users go to shows of artists they have never heard before," Fabrice Sergent, Bandsintown's chief executive, told Billboard. "So teaming up with the Eventbrite ecosystem is particularly relevant for us as we hope this partnership will offer promotion opportunities for small and mid-size artists in particular because we we have a great audience for that."


"This new partnership with Bandsintown provides our organizers with a super-targeted, direct connection to the most passionate of music fans," said Julia Hartz, CEO and co-founder of Eventbrite, in a statement. "We're proud to continue innovating with a best-in-class music partner to create exciting new products that ultimately get more concert go’ers to the shows they love."

Both companies declined to disclose financial details of the partnership.

While Bandsintown is privately owned and doesn't publish its financials, Sergent says the platform is having its best year ever "The main driver of our revenue model is advertising which we sell to promoters and brands," the chief executive said, noting the site's growth from 23 million registered users last March to 30 million today and the 400,000 artists and managers connected to the platform. Six weeks ago BIT launched French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Japanese beta versions of the app.

Eventbrite, which was founded in 2006, has processed over $5 billion in gross ticket sales which includes more than 175,000 concerts and festivals. Among the events the ticketing platform has worked are Newport Folk Festival, Wanderlust, BottleRock and Lightning in a Bottle, a campout festival. Eventbrite was also one of Facebook's original launch partners in 2008.

While Bandsintown works with a number of ticketing companies, this is only the second time the platform has integrated a ticketing service into its in-app purchase flow. The first was Ticketmaster which was integrated into BIT's concert discovery this past March.