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Arca, JMSN & Oh Wonder: Emerging Picks of the Week

Warm up your winter weekend with Billboard's latest triple offering of tracks that all debuted on this week's Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists chart. Be sure to give them a listen and check back…

Warm up your winter weekend with Billboard‘s latest triple offering of tracks that all debuted on this week’s Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists chart. Be sure to give them a listen and check back next week for a new set of selections.

Arca – “Hips Don’t Lie”
An eight-year-old (can you believe it?) classic gets a makeover as Venezuelan DJ Arca reinvents Shakira’s 2006 smash, “Hips Don’t Lie.” Anchored with a deep house EDM background, “Hips Don’t Lie” warps Shakira’s vocals to a nearly unrecognizable level. After the Colombian makes a lamentably early exit, Arca maintains the track’s distinctive flair with a pulsing beat. Listeners approved of the reworking, as the track has collected more than 477,000 listens on SoundCloud since Nov. 27. One notable listener impressed? Shakira herself, who endorsed the remix on Twitter:


Thanks to the favorable Twitter buzz surrounding the track, Arca’s version of “Hips Don’t Lie” shakes its way to a No. 14 debut on the Emerging Artists tally for the week ending Dec. 20.

JMSN – “Addicted”
An emerging voice in R&B, JMSN (Christian Berishaj), JMSN crafts a smooth gem dusted with soul in “Addicted.” The producer-singer layers his track with a haunting drum-beat and layered vocals that swing between easy crooning and robotic distortion as he realizes his infatuation with his lover, “So you, I think I’m addicted to / addicted to loving you, loving you.” With a complex production involving string sections, thumping drums and a resonating bass, the finished product sounds like a lost cut from Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience, but retains enough spark to avoid seeming like a cheap copy. Listeners found the track particularly addictive: “Addicted” has notched more than 93,000 plays since reaching SoundCloud on Nov. 30, helping it enter the Emerging Artists chart at No. 17. “Addicted” features on JMSN’s self-titled album, which was released Dec. 9

Oh Wonder – “All We Do”
Writing duo Oh Wonder crafts a poignant track in “All We Do”, the latest in their trend of monthly releases. Their collaborations redefine the term “duet” as both members, who prefer to remain anonymous, sing the entire track, a rare choice that infuses an indelible energy into the melancholy track. As the pair glides through the song, listeners enjoy the unique chance to hear the reflective ballad from two perspectives as a somber piano plays in the background. The unorthodox approach gained positive feedback from listeners and netted than 300,000 plays since Dec. 1. As a result of Twitter activity surrounding the song, “All We Do” launches onto the Emerging Artists tally at No. 27. Fans of the song can expect further collaborations, as Oh Wonder plans to release one new track each month before issuing a debut album in September 2015, according to the group’s website.