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Elon Musk Plans to Sell a Song About NFTs… as an NFT

Elon Musk is hopping on the blockchain trend by announcing plans to sell a new song about NFTs…as an NFT.

UPDATE: Scratch that. As of March 16 at 7:14 p.m., Musk has decided not to sell his NFT song after all. “Actually, doesn’t feel quite right selling this,” he wrote on Twitter. “Will pass.”

Elon Musk is hopping on the NFT craze with plans to sell a new song about the non-fungible tokens… as its own NFT.

Musk’s exact involvement in the dance track is unclear, and he has not yet provided a link to the NFT or any additional context on where or when it might go on sale.


In Musk’s tweet, the unnamed track plays over the visual of a rotating golden trophy, with the words “Vanity Trophy” revolving around a shiny sphere and a base that reads “Computers Never Sleep” (an actual lyric from the song) — above that, the acronym “HODL,” which is short for “hold on for dear life.” That phrase is an oft-used slogan for the bitcoin community that’s used to discourage crypto traders from divesting from the cryptocurrencies.

The trophy additionally includes golden dogs evocative of shiba inus, a.k.a. the mascot for the dogecoin cryptocurrency that gained some traction amid the Gamestop phenomenon earlier this year and which Musk himself has tweeted about a number of times.


Musk has been a vocal cheerleader for bitcoin both on Twitter and through his company Tesla, which invested $1.5 billion in the cryptocurrency last month and has revealed plans to accept bitcoin as payment for its vehicles in the future.

You can read Billboard‘s full explainer on the NFT phenomenon — and the music industry’s exploding interest in it — here.