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New Around the World: Dominican-U.S. Collab ‘La Mama de La Mama’ Debuts

El Alfa, CJ and Chael Produciendo overperform on the Global 200, a rarity for a Spanish-language Latin hit. 

Billboard regularly runs down debuts on our global charts to spotlight international artists that may not yet be burning up the domestic Billboard Hot 100. In most cases, that means a focus on the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. chart, as most non-English-language or non-American acts typically, and unsurprisingly, overperform outside the U.S.

The reverse is true, however, for a song on the May 29-dated surveys, as a quartet of acts from the Dominican Republic and the U.S. hit the Billboard Global 200 but are missing on the Global Excl. U.S. survey. El Alfa and Chael Produciendo, both from the Dominican Republic, and CJ, from the U.S., featuring El Cherry Scom, also from the Dominican Republic, debut on the Global 200 at No. 195 with “La Mama De La Mama.”


Of 47 songs that appear on this week’s Global 200 without crossing over to the Global Excl. U.S. chart, the ribald “Mama” is the only one not in English; it’s performed entirely in Spanish except for CJ’s verse, which is rapped in a mix of Spanish and English. It’s one of only three such titles with lead artists not from the U.S. or Canada, as Jamaica’s Skillibeng debuts at No. 182 alongside Nicki Minaj on “Crocodile Teeth” and Aussie rock legends AC/DC shred at No. 183 with “Thunderstruck.”

“Mama” is the second Global 200 entry for El Alfa and CJ Both acts’ prior chart hits peaked on the Jan. 16-dated list, the latter’s “Whoopty” at No. 10 and the former’s “Bebe,” with Camilo, at No. 59. Chael Produciendo and El Cherry Scom each make their first appearance on the survey.

“Mama” debuts on the strength of 12.8 million streams (up 14%) and 600 downloads sold (up 10%) worldwide in the week ending May 20, according to MRC Data. To explain its overperformance on the Global 200, it scored 85% of its sales for the week from the U.S. (where this week’s average is 58%) and 34% of its streams domestically (average: under 30%). When removing English-language songs from the equation, the week’s sales share from the U.S. drops from 58% to 48%, making the 85% for “Mama” all the more notable.


Another Spanish-language collaboration between Dominican and American acts debuts on this week’s global charts. But, more on-trend with more typical Latin hits, Natti Natasha and Becky G’s “Ram Pam Pam” sports a stronger launch on the Global Excl. U.S. chart, at No. 111, than on the Global 200, at No. 191.

Other international acts crack the latest Global Excl. U.S. chart. From Europe, Italy’s Sangiovanni debuts at No. 89 with “Malibu” and Germany’s Shirin David arrives at No. 120 with “Ich Darf Das.” From Asia, Japan’s Bump of Chicken and Hentai Shinshi Club debut at Nos. 115 and 178 with “Nanairo” and “Yokaze,” respectively. Meanwhile, from Latin America, Panama’s Sech starts at No. 124 with “Sal Y Perrea” and Khea and Maria Becerra, both from Argentina, enter at No. 164 with “Te Necesito.”