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Ednita Nazario Will Help Launch New Streaming Platform Spyntyx With Virtual Concert

Puerto Rican superstar Ednita Nazario will sing live from the Teatro de la Universidad de Puerto Rico with a livestream concert available for streaming worldwide. 

Ednita Nazario is set to perform a live virtual concert Saturday that will be broadcasted via Spyntyx, a new streaming platform created by event-production agency Buena Vibra Group.

Marking her first livestream concert during the pandemic, the Puerto Rican superstar will help launch the new streaming service, developed in partnership with DDB Latina, that will also produce the concert at the Teatro de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.

“I feel very happy to be able to return to the stage in my beautiful island thanks to this digital tool that will allow me to be closer to my loved ones via technology,” Nazario said in a statement. “I invite all of you to connect and to live along with me what will be an unforgettable experience for all of us.”


Fans will have to pay $5 to access the livestream but it’s not just the concert fans will be in for, says Max Perez, experience creator and partner at Buena Vibra Group, who was involved in the creation of the platform since its inception.

“Spyntyx has all those added values such as a virtual backstage pass giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look and a meet-and-greet opportunity that will be a great experience for the consumer in a safe place. One thing we want to promote is stay in your house and be safe,” Perez tells Billboard.

Since COVID-19 shut down the concert industry in March, livestream concerts have been evolving. What started off as free DIY concerts often live from the artists’ home, Spyntyx, along with other streaming platforms, have learned to monetize the streams and take these virtual events to another level that require a full production team.

Nazario’s concert is no exception.

“We have a team of almost 40 people working on our first live concert. We’ll have security, venue personnel, video and light crews, wardrobe, hair and makeup,” Perez says. For a more intimate experience, Perez tapped their music video crew to film Nazario’s show, as opposed to the video crew that he typically hires to shoot live concerts.


“I saw other virtual concerts and what I didn’t like was that we could see the artist looking at empty chairs like it was a live concert. But they’re actually just performing in front of a camera. When we decided to do this production I said we cannot hire the crew that films live concerts, we need to hire the crew that makes our music videos because you want to see the artist at all times. It’s a whole different event.”

And those events are here to stay, says Perez, at least until late 2021. “The platform became our solution to a problem. We realized quickly that we had to come up with something [as an alternative to live shows] so in April we came up with the idea and by May, we had developed the platform. By mid-June, we had Ednita onboard.”


Nazario was the “perfect” artist to launch the app, says Perez. “The younger crowd is already watching these shows. Ednita will cater to those who have resisted watching a virtual concert.” Adding that recording at the University of Puerto Rico’s theater was the “cherry on top.”

He continued, “We didn’t want to the concert to be in her house or at the Coliseo. I said, ‘Let’s look for a different venue, one that stands out.’ So, we decided to do the concert at the university’s theater which was remodeled recently after Hurricane Maria for the Hamilton cast but the play was never held. We will be the first ones to do a concert with a whole new setup.”

Spyntyx is already working on their next virtual concerts which will focus on recording multiple shows with one artist that that will be streamed in a specific country.

“Some of our concerts will be available worldwide but we also want to be able to record concerts specific to say Argentina or Colombia,” Perez says. “Not only will the artists have a more personalized connection with fans in that region, but we can focus solely on that area and will be able to sell that concert to a brand or a producer in that country.”