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Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ Crowns Streaming Songs Chart

It's the second straight song from 'Scorpion' to rule the ranking, following "Nonstop."

With the rise of Drake’s “In My Feelings” to No. 1 on Streaming Songs and On-Demand Streaming Songs (concurrent with the song’s jump to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100), he notches his seventh and 11th leaders, respectively, on both streaming charts dated July 21.

“Feelings,” which benefits from a viral dance challenge soundtracked by the song, is the only track from the 25-song Scorpion that increases in streams in the album’s second week out, gathering 71.7 million overall in the week ending July 12, up 58 percent from its opening-week sum of 45.3 million, according to Nielsen Music.

The song becomes Drake’s second straight leader on both charts, following “Nonstop,” which ruled both rankings dated July 14 in its first week out. “Feelings,” meanwhile, had started at No. 2 on both, prior to the first full week of the dance challenge, which was kicked off by Internet comedian Shiggy and finds participants dancing to a particular line in the track.


Additionally, despite the multi-digit-percentage drops in overall streams for each of the other Scorpion songs besides “Feelings” (an understandable phenomenon given the record-breaking start of the album out of the gate), Drake still holds seven of the top 10 positions on On-Demand Streaming Songs, led by “Feelings” and its 60.5 million on-demand audio streams.

Holding seven of the top 10 spots has only been accomplished 11 times in the chart’s history – including now six times by Drake himself – and only one other time by an artist in consecutive weeks (Drake, seven songs each, June 4-11, 2016). The previous week, he held the top 19 positions, becoming the first to rule the entirety of the top 10 in a single week.

To date, four of the 25 songs from Scorpion have ruled Streaming Songs. “God’s Plan” led earlier this year for 11 weeks (beginning Feb. 3), while “Nice for What” crowned the ranking for four weeks (April 21).