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Drake & Beyoncé Give Dance Music Its Biggest Week Ever on Apple Music

Apple Music's Deep House Essentials playlists saw double-digit growth upon the release of Drake's 'Honestly, Nevermind' and Beyoncé's "Break My Soul."

When two of the biggest artists in the world drop dance music projects, it’s going to make waves on streaming platforms.

Now, Apple Music is demonstrating how big an effect Drake‘s underground house-oriented album Honestly, Nevermind and Beyoncé‘s ’90s house homage “Break My Soul” are having. Apple Music tells Billboard that these two projects — released June 17 (Honestly, Nevermind) and June 20 (“Break My Soul”) — gave dance music its biggest week by worldwide streams in Apple Music history.

In just an hour, Honestly, Nevermind also surpassed the record for the biggest dance album in Apple Music history by first-day streams worldwide. (This record was previously held by The Chainsmokers’ 2017 LP Memories… Do Not Open.) The album also took over the top 10 of Apple Music’s Global Daily Top 100, marking the first time in the chart’s history that dance music accounted for the entirety of the top 10. “Break My Soul” then hit No. 3 on the platform’s Global Daily Top 100.


These projects also lifted house music as a whole on the platform, with June 17-19 becoming house music’s biggest weekend in history on Apple Music worldwide. Apple Music’s Deep House Essentials playlists saw double-digit growth in streams on Friday upon the release of Honestly, Nevermind and again on Tuesday when “Break My Soul” dropped, altogether clocking the playlist’s biggest week in Apple Music history.

Meanwhile, the 1993 Robin S. classic “Show Me Love” — which is referenced in “Break My Soul” — experienced a 62% increase in streams on Apple Music worldwide.

The duo have also commandeered Billboard‘s dance/electronic charts, with Drake’s “Falling Back” at No. 1 on Dance/Electronic Songs, “Break My Soul”at No. 4 on this same chart, and nine other Honestly, Nevermind tracks populating the top 12. Honestly, Nevermind also debuted in the apex slot on Top Dance/Electronic Albums.