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‘Dons of Disco’ Documentary on Italo Disco Scandal Gets Release Date: Exclusive

A 30-year-old lip syncing secret takes center stage in Dons of Disco.

A 30-year-old lip syncing secret takes center stage in Dons of Disco, a documentary from Jonathan Sutak that delves into the true story of muscle-bound model Den Harrow, whose Italo disco hits from the ’80s (“Future Brain,” “Don’t Break My Heart”) were massive in Europe. But it turns out that this Italo Disco act had more in common with Milli Vanilli than Baltimora.

Den Harrow (a name concocted to sound like “denaro,” the Italian word for money) was a man named Stefano Zandri, and Stefano Zandri didn’t actually sing on the lion’s share of Den Harrow’s hits; an American living in Italy at the time, Tom Hooker, voiced many of the signature Den Harrow hits while the photogenic Zandri posed for the cameras and lip synced along during an estimated 3,000 concerts.


The contentious relationship between these two middle-aged men in present day – each one arguing claim to the Den Harrow legacy – is the focal point of this strangely compelling music documentary, which won a Jury Award at the 2019 Lighthouse International Film Festival. Soon, it’ll be available for the wider world, with the Nacelle Company releasing Dons of Disco on Feb. 23 on Comcast, Amazon Prime Video, Spectrum, Apple TV, Dish, Google Play, DirecTV, Vimeo, YouTube and more.

“I’m thankful that The Nacelle Company will be releasing Dons of Disco and helping audiences discover the rich history and thought-provoking rivalry behind the music of Den Harrow,” director Sutak said in a statement. Check out the new Dons of Disco trailer below (pre-order here).