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DJ Khaled Stares Down Ray Liotta, Gets Cozy With Naomi Campbell in New Apple Music Ads: Watch

DJ Khaled and Ray Liotta are a couple of 'GoodFellas' in the hip-hop producer and Snapchat star's newest ad for Apple Music.

DJ Khaled and Ray Liotta are a couple of GoodFellas in the hip-hop producer and Snapchat star’s newest ad for Apple Music. 

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Following Khaled’s debut ad for the digital streaming service — which debuted Sunday and featured him alongside Naomi Campbell out for a semi-romantic, semi-informational sunset coastal cruise — Khaled’s newest commercial spot is a bit weirder and a bit more fun. 

In it, Khaled and Liotta are being pampered by half a dozen manicurist, pedicurists and masseuses as Khaled attempts to explain how Apple Music works. Indeed, the service offers millions of tracks including the Doobie Brothers‘ “Minute By Minute,” per Liotta’s request and then surprise, but the tough guy actor is not going to be accused of “playing himself.”  

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Liotta doesn’t understand Khaled’s catchphrase when he says, “Don’t ever play yourself Ray, I’m telling you,” and the scene spirals into an awkwardly intimidating stare down that nods to Liotta’s classic gangster film GoodFellas. It’s all fun and jokes of course and no one gets hurt. 

Khaled and Liotta are represented by UTA. Watch both clips here: