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Deezer Expands U.S. Presence With Bose Partnership

Deezer is broadening its U.S. presence with the release of its standard premium tier of music subscription services through a global partnership with home audio company Bose.

Premium Plus, the Paris-based company’s principle product, will be available in the U.S. on Thursday to owners of Bose SoundTouch and SoundLink products. Bose customers get access to the advertising-free streaming service for $4.99 per month for 12 months — half off the normal $9.99 per month price — and a 30-day free trial.


Deezer launched in about 180 countries before entering the crowded United States market. The Paris-based service, currently with 5 million subscribers and 14 million monthly users worldwide, has received a large investment from Access Industries, the owner of Warner Music Group. (Access also invested in Beats Music, which was acquired this year by Apple.)

This marks the second wave of the Deezer rollout in the United States, and again the company is targeting music fans that desire higher quality audio. The Bose partnership comes about two weeks after the arrival of Deezer Elite, a version of the subscription service with CD-quality audio and a $19.99 price to customers of Sonos home audio products.

Tyler Goldman, CEO North America for Deezer, says the Deezer-Boze experience has been optimized for ease of use and onboarding of new customers. For example, with Bose’s Soundtouch product line, the consumer can immediately experience Deezer through the SoundTouch product without having to create a Deezer account.

“One of challenges is the ease of use in audio enthusiast category, even though they buy a lot of music,” says Goldman. “The services haven’t integrated with the hardware they use.”

As for the rest of Deezer’s U.S. plans, Goldman says there will be more product launches aimed at specific market segments. On the possibility of Deezer launching its advertising-supported, free tier of service in the United States, Goldman would only say, “it’s possible.”