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deadmau5 Raises $15,000 for Children’s Hospital Charity During Live Stream

As we inch nearer the holiday season, the time for giving weighs heavy on our minds. Good guy deadmau5 just announced he'd make one up-and-coming R&B singer's dreams come true by flying him to mau5trap studios and produce a full-length LP, but he still feels he can give back to the community at large. 

The Canadian producer loves live streams and he found a cool way to put the act to good use. Monday, he hosted a Twitch stream where he tested out new music with a special caveat. Fans were asked to send money for donation to ExtraLife4Kids, a worthy cause that supports the Children's Miracle Network of hospitals. The label promised to match any donation made at $100 or more. Somewhere in there, a user named Valex1 dropped an impressive $6,000, which sent deadmau5 into a happy shouting fit. 


The grand total donation reached $15,000. Watch the happy moment and check the details of the donation below. If you would like to donate, visit ExtraLife online and keep the good cheer moving right along.