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Deadmau5 Is Launching His Own Online Bank

The electronic producer is launching a partnership with tech company Zytara for a branded, digital banking endeavor.

Deadmau5 is making bank, literally.

The electronic producer announced a partnership today with banking, NFT and digital currency company Zytara for a branded, digital banking endeavor. Through this initiative, users will be able to employ deadmau5-branded physical and virtual debit cards at over 45 million merchants around the world.

Additionally, a deadmau5-branded banking app, including a variety of deadmau5 skins applied the Zytara app, will allow fans to connect with deadmau5’s online stores, merchandise, concerts, pop-ups and in-game purchases. Zytara products will also be integrated within the artist’s streaming and online channels. Find more information about the project in the introductory video below.

“I’m always on the look-out for ways to use technology to change experiences,” deadmau5 says in a statement, “which is why I was really excited when Zytara came my way—no one else is thinking about banking the way they are by making it easy to hold and transact in crypto, NFTs, and stablecoins, in addition to fiat currency. As a gamer and music artist who loves tech, Zytara has created a real user-friendly world for digital life.”


Zytara was founded in 2019, with the technology company’s banking services provided by the Ohio-based Sutton Bank. The company also encompasses a full-service NFT production studio, Zytara Labs. The tech-forward Canadian producer, an NFT advocate who also cofounded the recently launched metaverse company Pixelynix, is also joining the Zytara Advisory Board.

“deadmau5 is a pioneer in using innovative, new technologies in creative ways, which is why we see this relationship as more than a typical partnership,” adds Zytara Founder and CEO Al Burgio. “In addition to working with deadmau5 to develop the interactive and branded Zytara banking app, we are also welcoming him to Zytara’s Advisory Board to help enhance the creative direction for Zytara moving forward.”

As Web3 and NFTs become increasingly integrated into the music world, artists are seeking new ways to onboard fans to this technology and the opportunities inherent within, with deadmau5 attempting to taking a step forward in this process through this Zytara partnership.

“Currently, the ecosystem is not fully evolved and the user experience is very fragmented,” deadmau5 recently told Billboard. “It can be confusing for consumers, and more work needs to be done to educate fans about the basics, like setting up [digital] wallets. Over time this will change, but as we see time and time again, people are scared or resistant to change.”

Now, tech-forward deadmau5 fans have less have less reason to fear change and more reason to bet their money on the producer.