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David Swartz Launches Singular Arts Group Artist Management Company in Berlin With Matt Lambert

David Swartz launched a Berlin-based full-service artist management company Friday (Dec. 4) called Singular Arts Group in partnership with Matt…

David Swartz launched a Berlin-based full-service artist management company Friday (Dec. 4) called Singular Arts Group in partnership with Matt Lambert.

Swartz spent the early part of his 20-year career in the business in the live music sector, from concert promoter to booking agent, before moving into artist management. He started Kosher Management in Los Angeles in 2009 and managed American and European acts mainly across the rock and electronic genres until 2016 when he moved to Germany.

Lambert, who will serve as Singular Arts Group’s creative director, has more than 15 years of industry experience working as a filmmaker, photographer, artist and creative director across the music, fashion, commercial and publishing sectors in Berlin. He will be overseeing the imagery, content and overall visual identity of each artist on their roster.

Singular Arts Group currently has four artists on its roster: English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wolf; rapper Mykki Blanco, who has collaborated with musical icons from Madonna to Kanye West; German singer-songwriter Finn Ronsdorf; and record producer and EDM musician FaltyDL.

Blanco and FaltyDL previously worked under Swartz when he was at !K7 Music in Berlin, and both artists made the decision to follow him to his latest artist management venture. Lambert has previously directed music videos and branded video content for Wolf and Blanco while having a more hands-on involvement with Ronsdorf’s music.


Swartz and Lambert outlined the company’s mission in a press statement. “Our ethos is centered in a passion for fostering the development, growth and sustainability of truly singular artistic voices,” they wrote. “We aim to serve as a vital source of guidance in navigating the path for each of our artists and we recognize our role to support and facilitate the realization of their creative visions.”

The two partners also related their interpretation of the unique relationship between artists and management and how they’re representing their roster with “the most significant level of love and effort.”

“There is a special intimacy between artist and management unlike any other professional relationship within the music industry, it is a delicate balance of honesty and trust that must exist in a mutual way within our relationship to enable us to thrive,” their mission statement read.

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