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David Geffen’s Ex-Boyfriend to Face Stalking Charge in Court

An ex-boyfriend of David Geffen is facing charges of stalking the media mogul, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Jamie Kuntz, 21, was arrested in October for allegedly trespassing on the 71-year-old Geffen’s property. He’s facing a felony stalking charge as well as five misdemeanor charges, each for allegedly violating a restraining order Geffen obtained against him in September.

He’ll appear in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday. He’s represented by Wallin & Klarich’s David Wohl.

Wohl tells THR there’s nothing to the stalking charge. “In order to make a stalking charge stick, there has to be a credible threat with the intent to place the other person in fear for their safety. That just didn’t happen,” he says. “The stalking charge, in our view, cannot possibly be sustained.” But the misdemeanor charges might stand, he says.

The firm’s senior partner, Paul Wallin, tells THR he believes Geffen wasn’t truthful in his accusations. “There are statements in the police report from the complaining victim and those statements do not appear to be accurate,” he says. 

Reps for Geffen have not responded to THR‘s requests for comment.

Kuntz made headlines in 2012 when he was kicked off his college football team after kissing a 65-year-old man in the press box during a game.

His dismissal led to accusations of homophobia against his school, the North Dakota College of Science, though his coach reportedly told Kuntz he’d been removed for lying about the incident.

Geffen dated Kuntz after his relationship reportedly ended in 2012 with Jeremy Lingvall, then 28. Lingvall and the billionaire executive were partnered for six years.

TMZ first reported the charges against Kuntz.

This article was originally published by The Hollywood Reporter.