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David Bisbal Says 2019 US Tour Will Be ‘Powerful’

After seven years of not touring the U.S., David Bisbal is coming back with a renovated show and new repertoire -- and he promises it will be a "powerful tour."

After seven years of not touring the U.S., David Bisbal is coming back with a renovated show and new repertoire — and he promises it will be a “powerful tour.”

In his David Bisbal Tour USA, the Spanish crooner will make pit stops in nine cities, kicking off Feb. 10 at the House of Blues in Chicago. He will visit fans in New York, Miami and Houston, to name a few, and for the first time, he’ll perform in Sacramento, Calif.


Billboard Latin sat down with the “A Partir de Hoy” singer to talk all about his tour, collaborating with the new wave of artists and more. Read our Q&A below, followed by the complete tour dates.

Talk to us about your U.S. tour. We heard you’re coming with an entirely renovated production?

What we’ve noticed is that this U.S. tour is happening at the best moment of my career, because all of the songs on the repertoire are singles. Meaning, for people who have never seen my show, they will most probably know all of the songs. There’s a balance between my ballads and uptempo songs in the show, as well as my recent collaborations. Overall, the show is very complete and varied.

Speaking of recent collaborations, will you be surprising your fans with any special guests?

That’s what I’m trying to aim for. I’m trying to see if any of my colleagues can join me at any of my shows, but I know that their schedules are full and it’s difficult to coincide. If I’m going to be joined by a special guest, I won’t hesitate to share the news on my social media.

Considering you have a long trajectory in the biz, do you still get nervous before jumping onstage?

It’s impossible to become immune to that feeling of responsibility. I get nervous because I want to do it well, I want the audience to be satisfied, for my voice to respond at every moment, and give my 100 percent. Now at this point in my career, I enjoy concerts more than ever. Not only has the repertoire expanded, but the audience, my team, the band and I feel better onstage and enjoy it more.


You’ve recently collaborated with artists such as Sebastian Yatra, Christian Nodal and Greeicy. What would you say is the best life lesson this new wave of artists have taught you?

Each of them has their own personality. Greeicy has that desire to do it all. She’s versatile. She dances, sings, acts and has an aura that completes it all. Christian Nodal, despite his age, is a young composer with an old soul. His voice is very mature. Collaborating with him at the beginning of his career was fantastic. “Probablemente” recently won a Latin Grammy, and I’m happy to share that musical journey with Christian. What I like about Sebastian Yatra is the amazing companion he’s been when we travel and sing live together. He’s a huge influencer and not everyone has the capacity he has to communicate with his fans on social media.

What can we expect from you in 2019, following the tour?

I’m still making the rounds with my collaborations “A Partir de Hoy” with Sebastian Yatra and “Perdon” with Greeicy, but I’m going to drop my next single, which will be a ballad. It’s very important for me to focus on ballads because they have a different sentiment. It’ll be a great collaboration and I believe it will be one of the most important ballads of my career. After the U.S. tour, I’m returning to Spain for more shows and I’m planning on having concerts in other countries, such as France, Mexico and Argentina. I’m also returning to Chile for Viña del Mar at the end of February.

David Bisbal Interview: Says 2019 US Tour Will Be 'Powerful' | Billboard