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Copyright Alliance and CreativeFuture Urge ’16 Candidates to Fight for Strong Copyright System

Two anti-piracy groups whose members include major film studios, record labels and media conglomerates have joined forces for an open letter urging political candidates to pledge to "ensure a strong…

The Copyright Alliance and CreativeFuture, two anti-piracy groups whose members include major film studios, record labels and media conglomerates, have joined forces for an open letter/mission statement and petition urging political candidates in the upcoming U.S. election to pledge to “ensure a strong copyright system that rewards creativity and promotes a healthy creative economy.”

The open letter, addressed to “our country’s current and future leaders,” outlines several core shared beliefs between the groups, including a strong copyright system that advocates for and protects free speech, the embrace of the internet’s “great potential to expand creativity and free expression” and the assertion that protecting copyright and internet freedom are not “mutually exclusive” goals.

The groups go on to warn against those who would “use the internet to undermine creativity” and criticize unnamed organization — “who in many cases are funded by online platforms” — who they say claim to be pro-creators but who “denigrate or block effective efforts to preserve and promote creative content, including enforcement of existing laws and voluntary industry initiatives.”

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In a subtle nod likely directed at YouTube, the letter dings platforms that are “making massive profits from creative contributions to the internet’s growth. It is not too much to ask that creative communities should be able to share in the value they provide.

A petition started a week ago by the coalition has well over 6,000 supporters, towards a goal of 7,500 signatures. The groups say they intend to use the letter with policymakers on behalf of creative communities ranging from songwriters, game designers, authors and directors. “Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative or libertarian, strong and effective copyright is not a partisan issue but rather one that benefits our entire country,” the letter states.

Read the coalition’s letter here.