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Alternative Singer-Rapper Contradash Signs to Interscope, Releases New Single: Exclusive

Emerging, genre-blending artist Contradash signed to the major label in February and on Friday released his latest single, "White Lie."

At the top of 2020, Los Angeles-based singer-rapper Contradash independently released his second single, “Blocked,” and soon after was fielding meeting requests from most major labels.

“We started to meet with labels the day after ‘Blocked’ came out,” recalls co-manager Sean Lewow of artist management and creative studio Ourros. “The track hit No. 12 on [Spotify’s] New Music Friday, Contradash went from 250 monthly listeners to 250,000 and every major reached out within a matter of hours.”


Lewow first discovered Contradash (born Chase Blohm) last August, right after the release of his debut single “Yo-Yo,” and recalls thinking “that it was unlike anything I had previously heard.” Within two months, the pair started working together.

Around the same time, co-manager Dan Awad (of management company Good Luck Have Fun) — who first heard a contradash demo from fellow Good Luck Have Fun manager, Paul Donatelli — came aboard. Says Awad: “I asked [Paul] if he had more music I could listen to. I went through a folder of about eight demos and became obsessed. I found myself singing Contradash melodies 24/7 and knew I had to be a part of this.”

Weeks after the release of “Blocked,” Lewow and Awad helped Contradash secure his first recording contract as he signed to Interscope on Feb. 10. Awad says that even though they were meeting with a handful of labels, Interscope emerged as the clear best fit. “From the moment we stepped in the building, they believed in Chase’s vision,” says Awad. “A lot of the meetings we were taking seemed to center around ‘Blocked,’ but with Interscope, they focused on the long-term.”

Contradash is the latest in a line of singer-rappers who walk the line between alternative, pop, hip-hop and rock — best evidenced on his major-label debut single “White Lie,” which arrived Friday (July 10) and was produced by Russ Chell (Lil Nas X, Wiz Khalifa), who has become known for fusing rap and rock.


“I told Russ I needed a ‘Since U Been Gone’ type beat, and he whipped up the craziest lead melody and I just screamed my face off,” says Contradash, adding that “Interscope was the only label with enough swag to handle this project — and trust me, I looked around.”

Lewow and Awad agree that “Chase is a special human being,” both saying that everything fans see is a direct product of his artistic vision. “He understands his craft through-and-through and wants to be as actively involved as possible in every aspect,” says Lewow.

Adds Awad: “He knows exactly how he wants his art to be perceived — down to the smallest detail — and to us, that’s the sign of a true artist.”

Listen to “White Lie” below.