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Billboard Dance Chart Upstarts: Conro, Krys Monique & Bright Lights

Each week, Billboard Dance looks at songs & albums rising on Billboard's dance charts.

Conro, “Trippin”

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada-based Conro (real name Conor Patton) jumps 16-11 on Billboard‘s Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart (dated Dec. 15) with “Trippin.” It’s the third, and highest-charting, track for the classically-trained violinist and electronic producer, who hit No. 12 in June with “Take Me There” and No. 17 in March with “Close.” “Trippin” takes its airplay from core-dance affiliates, including Music Choice’s Dance/EDM channel, KNHC (C89.5) Seattle and iHeartRadio’s Evolution network (as monitored on WFLZ-HD Tampa, Florida), according to Nielsen Music.

Conro tells Billboard, “I couldn’t be more excited about how everyone has been responding to ‘Trippin.’ This song is about that high that you get when you meet someone you know is special and can’t wait to see where the relationship goes. I worked really hard on developing a new sound for 2018, and to have such a great response puts a huge smile on my face. Thanks for all the love!”


Krys Monique, “So Good”

Queens, New York native Krys Monique (actual name Krystal Rivera) moves 30-26 in her third week on Dance Club Songs with “So Good.” It’s the first Billboard chart hit for Monique, who discovered her passion for singing while performing at local talent shows by age seven. “Good” was remixed by Dirty Werk, Nitemover and Dirty Disco, among others.

Krys tells Billboard, “‘So Good’ has been an incredible experience from the beginning. I flew down to Miami to meet with C-Rod [Chris Rodriguez, the song’s producer] and we immediately clicked on a creative level. That night after our meeting, I went out to a club in South Beach with some friends, and, wow, there was a song playing that just got me. I told C-Rod the next day during our writing session that I just wanted to capture that feeling, that it just felt … so good, like I wanted to get up and dance as soon as the beat kicked in. I kid you not, we had the melody and lyrics and a whole vibe going in no time; the dots just magically connected!”

Bright Lights feat. Fito Blanko, “Gringa”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter/DJ/producer Bright Lights (aka Heather Bright) earns her second appearance, and first as a lead act, on Dance Club Songs with “Gringa” (No. 50). It’s the first Billboard chart action in three years (and initial appearance on any dance chart) for featured Latin singer Fito Blanko, whose last hit, “Meneo,” reached No. 9 on Tropical Songs in July 2015. Bright Lights last hit Dance Club Songs in 2014, when “How You Love Me” (by 3lau featuring Bright Lights) peaked at No. 42. That track is also the highest-charting of the South Carolina native’s three top 10s on Dance/Mix Show Airplay, having hit No. 3 in 2014. “Gringa” was written and produced by Bright Lights and is self-released on her own 333 Recordings label.

Bright Lights tells Billboard, “I’ve been songwriting and singing for other artists and DJs for over 10 years. It was always a dream of mine to produce my own records and to have my own label. So, ‘Gringa’ is the beginning of a new era for me, both musically and entrepreneurially. As a DJ, I’m in nightclubs until 4 or 5 a.m. every night. So, there’s lots of excessive drinking and drugs going on around me. One night, this guy came up to the DJ booth and asked if I wanted to party. I looked down at the dance floor and it was packed. The whole club was dancing, sweating and having a great time. I just smiled and said ‘I am the party!’ With that thought, I wrote ‘Gringa’ in my hotel room that night. The lyrics translate to ‘I am the party. I am the drug. I got what you need. That white girl … la gringa!’

“The next day,” she continues, “I sent my rough idea to DJ Buddha, who I had met years ago working in the studio with Pitbull. He loved the idea and sent it over to Fito Blanko. When they sent back Fito’s verse, I was losing my mind. It was exactly what the record needed and I’m so happy to have both those guys involved in this song. It’s really humbling to see it popping up on the charts. I feel like The Little Artist That Could!”