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A New $40 Million Amphitheater is Coming to Colorado Springs

The venue's developer, Notes Live, plans to operate a half dozen large to mid-sized venues in "entertainment deserts" across the country over the next 18 months.

Colorado Springs, Colorado is getting a brand new $40 million amphitheater in 2023. Dubbed The Sunset, the new 8,000-capacity open-air amphitheater will be constructed at entertainment district Polaris Pointe, which is also home to the company’s current mid-sized music venue Boot Barn Hall at Bourbon Brothers.

The Sunset will offer views of Pikes Peak right behind the stage, as well as amenities like 60 VIP luxury firepit suites as well as top-tier restaurants including a signature seafood restaurant and chophouse with a top-shelf rooftop bar carrying over 150 of the rarest bourbons in the world.


Notes Live – the independent company building The Sunset – is planning to operate a half dozen large and mid-sized premium venues across the country in the next 18 months. The company hopes to hit the untapped market, or what they refer to as “entertainment deserts” – areas with growing populations but a dearth of high-quality music and entertainment venues. The new slate of venues – which will continue with a destination in Gainesville, Georgia modeled after the Boot Barn – expect to offer “premium concert experiences, complete with unbeatable sound and sightlines as well as elevated food and beverage offerings.”

“These are some of the fastest-growing cities in America, but the live entertainment options haven’t caught up to the population,” Notes Live founder and chairman JW Roth said in a release. “Notes Live venues will cater to these upscale demographics looking for a place where the overall experience is as good as the music itself.”

Notes Live is already in discussions to open new entertainment campuses in other cities across Florida, Tennessee and Texas. The ambitious plans currently have the backing of over 60 institutional and individual investors, according to the company. Notes Live says it works closely with government bodies in all of the areas where it’s expanding and is keen on identifying markets where local municipalities have economic development dollars to subsidize development costs directly or through tax incentives.

“I am building an entertainment company that when you think of our name, you think ‘experience,’” Roth added. “There will be no better place to see a concert on earth than at one of our properties.”