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Coldplay’s Agent on the Team Effort That Landed the Band the Top-Grossing Tour in July

"Coldplay always deliver on the promise of an amazing experience and captivating production, but they always keep their fans in mind."

By most metrics, Coldplay has a claim to the title of one of the biggest bands in the world. And this summer, they’ve added another strong number to back up that assertion: after finishing up the North American leg of the band’s Music of the Spheres tour, Coldplay has now grossed $1 billion in ticket sales throughout their career, according to Billboard Boxscore, becoming the 11th act in history to achieve that feat.

And the group is only getting stronger, particularly as the touring world continues to emerge from the pandemic: in this week’s Boxscore report, Coldplay comes in with the top gross on the chart for the month of July, crossing $60 million in sales across 11 dates in Europe. And that level of sustained touring success earns their agent, Wasserman Music executive vp and managing executive Marty Diamond, the title of Billboard’s Executive of the Week.


Here, Diamond speaks briefly to the band’s continued success on the road, including their pledge to reduce their carbon footprint at shows and how they continue to evolve over two decades of touring. “Coldplay and their team are incredibly sensitive to all of the elements that get factored into booking tours and making it an amazing experience for their fans,” Diamond says. “They continue to challenge the status quo and as a result, there are constant but rewarding challenges.”

Coldplay topped the July Billboard Boxscore report with $60 million in concert grosses for the month. What key decision did you make to help make this happen?

We are part of a team — band, management, promoters, agents — that works with the goal of realizing the band’s vision. Coldplay make great efforts to deliver unparalleled shows that provide amazing experiences for their fans.

Last month, the band officially passed the $1 billion mark in career tour grosses. What has made them such a formidable touring act over the years?

Coldplay continue to be a creative force on all fronts and as a result, their career continues to evolve and grow.

Coldplay announced that each tour date would be powered by renewable energy, and they pledged to cut tour emissions by 50%. How much preparation has that taken, and how has it worked out so far?

Coldplay and their team are dedicated to changing the way people look at touring. They have a committed team addressing their sustainability initiatives. They continue to search for new options and their efforts continue to evolve. The band also make great efforts to communicate with their fans about these efforts and goals.

How do you tread the line between maximizing profits and ticket affordability with the acts you book on tour?

Coldplay always deliver on the promise of an amazing experience and captivating production, but they always keep their fans in mind. They want all to participate and as a result, it is a delicate balance.

Coming out of the pandemic, how have you seen consumer buying habits change?

It has been incredibly challenging navigating the realities of the marketplace. It took some time but fans are keen to get back to shows. Some of this needs to be addressed market by market and artist by artist.

How else do you see the live industry evolving in this new post-lockdown era?

I think despite the challenges we all faced, we are all adjusting and adapting. One thing that is very clear is nothing replaces the live experience.