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Coke Creates 1,000-Plus Songs for Its ‘Share a Coke’ Campaign

Coca-Cola has gone one insane step further with this summer's "Share a Coke" campaign, releasing hundreds of mini-songs that feature first and last names ranging from Aaron to Zach. "Celebrating over 1,000 names on Coke bottles in stores with a unique tune for every name," the company says on a special search website for the promotion.

The custom songs — which were uploaded to YouTube late last month — typically last around 18 seconds and vary in genre, depending on the name. To find a song, you just have to type a name into Coke's site for the campaign, which is helmed by Fitzco//McCann.

The music production was handled by Score a Score, a Los Angeles based firm that specializes in creating original music for ads and games, and they don't mess around. The selection is impressive — with the firm creating different tracks even for names that sound exactly the same (Marc and Mark are unique, for example). Genre-wise, there's folk (Lisa), new wave (Jim) and hip-hop (Jack), among other styles.

There are scores of standard-sounding names missing, however, including Phil, Bill and Stan, and some omissions will make it hard for many families to fully share in the fun. For example, there are tracks for Donald, Eric and Tiffany, but nothing for Melania, Ivanka or Barron (sad!). Only two of the former One Direction boys are covered (sorry Zayne, Liam and Niall). That lack of Liam, and nothing for Noel, also means this Coke campaign will not be the catalyst for a Gallagher brothers reunion.

Score a Score even made a selection of songs for when a name doesn't match. "Share a Coke's back, the summer is here," goes one. "If we didn't have your name, there's always next year."

It's been a quiet rollout of the nifty campaign so far, given that the bulk of the songs have no more than two dozen views or listens. 

Ad Age reports that Coke used nine singers to record the 1,000-plus songs, which are split between 25 different tracks. Below are a few choice cuts:

JIM / new wave:

HENRY / rocking:

LISA / folky:

MARK / '80s movie montage: