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CLC Debut on World Digital Song Sales & World Albums Charts Thanks to ‘Hobgoblin’

Much fanfare and debate has been made over CLC's fierce transformation for confident new single "Hobgoblin," and Billboard's World Digital Song Sales and World Albums charts are declaring it a…

While much fanfare and debate has been made over CLC‘s fierce transformation for confident new single “Hobgoblin,” the charts are declaring it a success. “Hobgoblin” and its accompanying Crystyle EP mark the first appearances for the young girl group on both of Billboard‘s World Digital Song Sales and World Albums charts.

Most notably, CLC scores the best-selling K-pop song in America this week as their track debuts at No. 4 on World Digital Song Sales, rising above BIGBANG (at No. 5 with “Fxxk It”), Chanyeol and Punch (at No. 6 with “Stay With Me”), BTS (No. 7 is “Blood Sweat & Tears”), and V and Jin (No. 8 with “It’s Definitely You”). To date, CLC has released and promoted six K-pop singles since their March 2015 debut.


Meanwhile, the Crystyle EP debuts at a respectable No. 6 on World Albums, this time landing behind the latest releases from Seohyun, BIGBANG and BTS. It’s also their first appearance on the chart after five Korean releases to their name.

The debate is still raging whether “Hobgoblin” and it’s heavy HyunA influence will prove the ultimate successful path for CLC, a group that has struggled to find a foot in the marketplace despite coming from such a large record label. Yet in 4Minute‘s (and, arguably, 2NE1‘s) absence, Korea’s girl-group scene is in need of some fierce ladies to shake things up and, at the very least, American fans seem to be stirred by CLC.

Watch the ladies bring the “Hobgoblin” to life with a live performance below: