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City of Hope Kicks Off 2022 Campaign With Republic Records’ Monte and Avery Lipman

The cancer research and treatment facility's annual dinner will be held in October.

The City of Hope kicked off its 2022 Spirit of Life campaign Thursday (May 12) in Los Angeles with a breakfast for this year’s honorees, Republic Records co-founders and chief executives Monte and Avery Lipman.

Held on the glass-lined rooftop of the London Hotel in West Hollywood—not a great location given his “deathly” fear of heights, joked Monte — the event marked the first time many of the more than 150 attending music executives had seen each other in more than two years.


Evan Lamberg, Universal Music Publishing Group’s president for North America, who also serves as the City of Hope’s president of the music, film & entertainment board, welcomed the guests to the first Spirit of Life event since the pandemic. Duarte, Calif.-based City of Hope is one of the largest cancer research and treatment facilities in the United States.

In brief remarks, Avery recalled being asked to speak at a career day at a local high school a few years ago. “Some little kid gets up and asks, ‘What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done in your job?’ [Another guy] is a doctor and he goes, ‘Well, let’s see, I’ve saved five- or six-people’s lives,’ and I’m like ‘For God’s sake, what am I going to say?’’ Needless to say, I had a hard time. I don’t even remember what I said. But not today!” he said to warm laughs.

Both he and Monte admitted being the center of attention was uncomfortable for them, but Avery said after visiting the City of Hope campus, “it’s in my system…the people, the doctors, so smart, so selfless, warm. I can’t say enough about it so I could not be happier or proud to be in front of this.”

“What resonated with me when we walked the campus is so much is not just treating the disease with medicine and doctors and innovative technology, but it really is the soul, because we’ll all affected by these diseases and it’s frightening,” Monte said. “For many of us, we have access, we have resources, we’ve got tremendous support. There are others who don’t and it is our responsibility as a proper member of the community to serve, to protect and support.”

Among the attendees were past honoree Sony Music Publishing’s Jon Platt, as well as fellow publishing executives Jody Gerson, Lamberg and David Renzer; label executives Michelle Jubelirer, Jacqueline Saturn, Bruce Resnikoff, Ken Bunt and Wendy Goldstein; attorneys Eric Greenspan, Dina LaPolt, Don Passman, Aaron Rosenberg, Jay Cooper, and executives Lyor Cohen, Greg Thompson, David Zedeck, Mary Jo Mennella, Phil Quartararo, Mike Knobloch, John Sykes, Zach Horowitz and Andy Schuon.

The New York kick-off luncheon will take place May 24 with the Spirit of Life gala happening in October in Los Angeles.

In addition to Platt, other past honorees include Sylvia Rhone, Mo Ostin, Clive Davis, Quincy Jones, Frances W. Preston, Shelli and Irving Azoff, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Doug Morris and Lucian Grainge. Over the nearly 50 years of involvement from the music community, roughly $125 million has been raised for pioneering research.