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Christina Aguilera Helps Gay Fan Propose, Teases New Song at Liberation Tour Opening in Miami: Watch

Coming back stronger than ever, Christina Aguilera offered a piece of her bare soul to her fans on the opening of her new Liberation Tour in Miami on Tuesday night (Sept. 25).

Coming back stronger than ever, Christina Aguilera offered her fans a piece of her bare soul during the opening of her Liberation Tour in Miami on Tuesday (Sept. 25). Returning to the stage for the first time since her 2008 Back to Basics Tour, Xtina made her highly-anticipated comeback with an emotional night filled with heartfelt messages and unexpected surprises. 

Feeling like she owed her fans an explanation for the decade-long hiatus, Aguilera broke down crying as she told the crowd how much she missed touring. “Being a mom is really important to me and I’m a very hands-on mom,” the singer said wiping her tears with a towel in video of the first gig captured by fans. “I never want them to feel that they live in my shadow or that they are not important — I don’t wanna be that kind of mom, so I took some time off for them,” the “Fighter” singer emotionally shared, thanking fans for hanging in there with her.


“But momma needs to go back to what she’s meant to do,” she added as the loving crowd howled, before she rolled into the emotionally-charged track “Twice.” 

As an interlude in between songs, Xtina also teased a new track seemingly titled “Wonderland” — featuring sensual footage of the singer chanting the sweet lyrics “Total emancipation/ This is your invitation/ Welcome to my wonderland/ It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand/ We are in this madness together.” Aguilera hasn’t shared an official release date for the track yet. 

As if the night wasn’t eventful enough, the pop star also helped a gay fan propose to his longtime boyfriend on stage while she sang “Unless It’s With You.” 

Check out fan footage of Christina Aguilera’s Liberation tour opening night below.