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Chart Beat Podcast: News Director Shirley Halperin on How Billboard Covers the Music Industry

The latest episode of the Chart Beat Podcast brings you right into our newsroom, as Billboard news director (and The Hollywood Reporter music editor) Shirley Halperin chats with co-director of charts and host Gary Trust about the mind-set behind covering, analyzing and presenting news about the music business.

"I think we go out of our way to make it so that someone who is an industry expert and [someone] who might be new to the industry can both read the same article and both get something out of it," Halperin says.

Notably, much of this episode centers on how Billboard wrote about the January death of David Bowie, although it doesn't include the passing of Prince, as it was taped the day before Prince died, April 21. Sadly, the same lessons applied when the news staff then went about producing the latest issue (dated May 7), which shifted to an in-depth Prince tribute starting as soon as word arrived that he had unexpectedly died. "First of all, it was just getting the package to be in the magazine that week," Halperin says specifically of the January Bowie-focused issue, before the drill was, unfortunately, repeated last week. "To rip up the magazine completely, do a million interviews with people who worked with him or people who knew him, who could speak about who he was on a personal level, it was like … all hands."

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