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Chart Beat Podcast: Music Choice Exec Damon Williams on How Users ‘Engage’ Through Music on TV & Beyond

"We're like an old pair of jeans," Damon Williams, Music Choice senior vp of programming strategy and partnerships, muses of the service's deep menu of cable TV audio channels.

"We've been around for a long time, in your home. We've watched people grow up with the product. We've seen research where people start out with our kids-only programming, then move into mainstream pop, or R&B/hip-hop. Then, they grow up, get a job and now they get a cable bill and they come back, and Music Choice, that friend you grew up with when you lived with your parents, is [still] there."

On the new episode of the Chart Beat Podcast, Williams chats with host, and Billboard co-director of charts, Gary Trust about Music Choice's various platforms covering a wide variety of genres, as well as its many interactive features planned for the summer and its upcoming fourth-quarter expansion of its video presentation.

In an era of ever-increasing handheld, mobile consumption, "TV is still the biggest screen in the house," Williams says. "And it's still very social. If [we're] hanging out at your house, it's not very likely we're going to huddle around your phone. We might still have our phones, but the TV still offers an opportunity for us to engage."

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