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Emerging Artists Spotlight: Charly Bliss

This week's Emerging Artists Spotlight pick is Brooklyn-based pop band Charly Bliss.

Welcome to Emerging Artists Spotlight, a new Billboard series where we highlight a musician who has recently made his or her debut on the Emerging Artists chart. Whether they are new to the industry, or have been around for a while but are just starting to have a chart impact, the intention is to showcase where they are here and now. This week’s pick is four-piece pop band Charly Bliss, who debuted at No. 44 on the chart dated May 25 following the release of their sophomore LP, Young Enough.

Charly Bliss has made a name for itself for the group’s ability to channel the worst forms of heartbreak and pain to craft catchy, synth-driven pop tracks.

The power-pop band — comprised of siblings Eva and Sam Hendricks, Spencer Fox and Dan Shure, all of whom hail from Westport, Conn. — debuts on the Emerging Artists chart following the release of its second full-length Young Enough on May 10, which notched a No. 4 spot on the Heatseekers Albums chart dated May 25.

The album touches on heavy subject matter: abusive relationships, sexual assault and personal failures. However, its darker themes are masked by shimmering synths, Eva’s bright and bubby lead vocals and the band’s upbeat accompaniment.


The contrast, the band says, is a deliberate one. Describing their music as “fun, explosive and larger than life,” the group says its songs are meant to bring healing for listeners rather than added sorrow.

“Typically our lyrics tend to cater on high-stakes emotional topics like anxiety, self-doubt, and toxic relationships, but the mood is more redemptive and hopeful than somber,” Eva tells Billboard. “We always hope that people will experience our music in ways that feel really cathartic, like crying while dancing, or screaming along in your car with the windows down.”

Having dropped its critically acclaimed first album Guppy in 2017, the band felt pressure to take its sound and songwriting to the next level. And ultimately, they delivered; Young Enough is the product of pure raw emotion, weaving masterful lyrics to convey intense feelings and harrowing circumstances. 


“We’re hyper-competitive within our own band and are always looking to one up ourselves,” Sam explains. “[With Young Enough], our goal was to write outside of our comfort zone and experiment with different instrumentation/arrangements/collaborators to produce a record that we could be really proud of, and that would be a testament to how much we’ve grown in the past several years.”

Learn more about Charly Bliss below.

Members: Eva Hendricks (lead vocals, guitar), Sam Hendricks (drums), Spencer Fox (vocals, guitar), Dan Shure (vocals, bass)

Recommended Charly Bliss song: “Young Enough”

Passion outside of work:? “Lately, I can’t stop thinking about the recent abortion bans and the fact that reproductive rights are under fire in our country, and how absurd it is that a group of completely ignorant men have the power to police womxn’s bodies,” Eva says. “When I need to unwind from that, I feel extremely passionate about Murder, She Wrote starring Angela Lansbury, which was recently added to Amazon Prime! If anyone struggles with anxiety or insomnia, I cannot recommend it more highly, it’s like a visual lullaby!”

What’s next: “We are extremely ambitious and hope to take over the world with kindness and songs that make you feel understood and excited about the future. We also hope to make more episodes of our hit TV show Ignorance is Bliss!”

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