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Carla Morrison, Zoé & More Lead Benefit Concert to Help Tech Crews Impacted By Coronavirus

¡Va por el crew! is raising funds for 300 Mexican concert industry workers out of work due to the pandemic.

Carla Morrison, Zoé, Julieta Venegas, Café Tacvba, Leonel García, and Esteman, among others, are banding together to help raise funds for 300 Mexican concert industry workers impacted by the cancellation of live events and have been out of a job since the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Aug. 28, the aforementioned artists will headline the ¡Va por el crew! virtual festival, an initiative propelled by Zoé’s frontman León Larregui and Café Tacvba’s Emmanuel del Real. It aims to raise funds for crew members who work in the production of live concerts throughout Mexico.

To achieve the campaign’s fundraising goal, which is $4.5 million Mexican pesos, ¡Va por el crew! fest will be available to those who donate $150 pesos ($6.50 U.S dollars) and select access to the concert as their “reward.” They will then receive a special access code for the live stream via email. You can also donate by buying merch such as t-shirts and masks.


Other artists who will be performing include Nortec: Bostich + Fussible, Hello Seahorse!, Amandititita, Silver Rose, Ruido Rosa and Vanessa Zamora. See the rest of the lineup here.

¡Va por el crew! is supported by Documental Ambulante A.C., an organization dedicated to supporting and distributing documentary films as a tool for cultural and societal change, and HIPGive, a free crowdfunding platform by Hispanics in Philanthropy.

In the video below, Venegas, Larregui, Denise Gutierrez and Meme explain why without a crew, there’s no show.