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Carl Cox Launches Awesome Soundwave Label With Live Electronic Focus

He's launched the label with his buddy Christopher Coe, aka Digital Primate, with a single from Coe's forthcoming LP "MNTS of SLNC."

Carl Cox just launched a new label specifically for live electronic groups and musicians. It’s called Awesome Soundwave, and it kicks off its year with an EP from Cox’s label co-founder and partner Christopher Coe, a.k.a. Digital Primate.

Awesome Soundwave is Cox’s second label, after techno industry leader Intec. The difference is that ASW aims to give electronic live acts room to experiment, while providing them with a platform only the likes of Cox and Coe can give.

“My idea was to create a label where artists who actually can make their music live, and perform their music live, have a stable where they can be themselves,” Cox says in Mixmag, “be able to create the music without any boundaries and to feel free in the sense of releasing music without prejudice in any way, shape or form.”


Coe’s label debut sets the tone with a beautiful, moody eight tracks called MNTNS of SLNC. Though he now lives and works in Australia, the album is inspired by the majestic and brooding beauty of the mountain ranges in Ireland, the land of his birth. There’s a coolness to lead single “Headland” that bodes well for the rest of the release. Look out for it coming from ASW in May of this year, and listen to “Headland” below.