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Bronco Announce New Album ‘Por Mas’ & US Tour Dates: Exclusive

Billboard caught up with Bronco vocalist and bass player Rene Esparza to talk about their tour and album, both coined as "Por Más."

For more than three decades, Bronco has made people of all ages dance to their timeless hits, such as “Sergio El Bailador” and “Que No Quede Huella.” The Mexican group, founded by Jose Guadalupe Esparza in 1979, is known for their authentic cumbia, ballads, and bolero sounds, fusing it with modern melodies.

The new generation of Bronco — where founding vocalist “Don Lupe” is joined by his sons, Jose Adan and Rene — launched in 2019 with a new single, 30 tour dates in the U.S., and an upcoming album set to release in ending May.

Billboard caught up with vocalist and bass player Rene Esparza to talk about their tour and album, both coined as “Por Más.” Check out the Q&A below.


Bronco just finished one tour and are starting a new one in 2019 that will have you busy half of the year. What can fans who have yet to see Bronco in concert expect?

Right now, we’re going on tour with an entire new show called Bronco Por Más. Unlike our Primera Fila Tour, this one is completely different. We changed the scenography, the costumes, and the set list. I think that’s what we always try to do with Bronco, to have that variety and keep innovating with new technology resources. Our mission is for the audience to enjoy a high-quality show and have a good time.

I know you have a busy agenda, including some very important shows in Texas, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Yes, this is one of the most promising tours Bronco is doing in the US. We’re going to be visiting almost all of Texas in August — Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, McAllen. And then we’re going to California to do a couple of extra shows that were pending from the first visit we did earlier this year. We’ll be at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and the State Farm Arena in McAllen, for example, and this is very important for us because we’re returning to venues where the group does not [perform] that often. These are venues where our fans will be comfortable watching our show.   


What would you say is the best thing about going on tour with your dad and your family?

We’re in a very nice stage in our life right now. Going on tour with my dad and working with him is very beautiful. We see this as a learning experience, on and off the stage. The two generations of Bronco that currently form the group get along well, and we have a great time at the concerts, on the tour bus. We’re always surrounded by music, so now my dad is teaching himself how to play the accordion, and we’re all having jam sessions together. It’s a true pleasure to share a stage with him.

Let’s talk about your latest single, “Alguien Mejor Que Yo.” Even if there are new faces in the group, Bronco always conserves its cumbia and norteño essence.

This new generation of Bronco was meant to refresh the group, but we always stay true to the musical identity that has classified us and made so many hits. Now it’s our compromise to release new hits, but with the Bronco sound. We were able to fuse pop in this song and I feel that that’s why many people, especially the younger generations, are accepting it very well.   

What can you let us know in advance about your upcoming album Por Más?

Por Mas is an album of 15 with five new songs, where we collaborate with artists such as Jose Luis Roma, Espinoza Paz, and Ricky Muñoz of Intocable. We also decided to revisit 10 classic Bronco songs, because we want people of all ages to know the story of the group.


See confirmed “Bronco Por Mas” US. dates below.

June 14 — Reading, PA @ Night Club Reverb               

June 15 — Hyattsville MD @ CocoCabana                     

June 21 — Greenville SC @ Escape Ballroom               

June 22 — Charleston, SC @ Titanic Event Center     

August 1 — Dallas, TX @ The Pavilion Music Factory  

August 2 — San Antonio, TX @ Aztec Theatre             

August 3 — El Paso, TX @ County Coliseum

August 8 — Houston, TX @ Arena Theatre

August 9 — Laredo, TX @ Sames Auto Arena

August 10 — McAllen, TX @ State Farm Arena

August 11 — Austin, TX @ The Coliseum

August 17 — Los Angeles, CA @ Microsoft Theater

September 7 — Chicago, IL @ Rosemont Theatre

September 20 — Woodbridge, VA @ The Palace

September 21 — Manhattan, NY @ Stage 48.                  

September 22 — Long Island, NY Hyattsville MD @ Long Island Sports Park

September 27 — Omaha, NE Hyattsville MD @ Ralston Arena

September 28 — Maplewood, MN Hyattsville MD @ Aldrich Arena

September 29 — Des Moines, IA Hyattsville MD @ Val Air Ballroom   

October 4 — Atlanta, GA Hyattsville MD @ Atlanta Coliseum                

October 5 — Winston Salem, NC Hyattsville MD @ Disco Rodeo

October 6 — Wilson, NC Hyattsville MD @ Evolution Music Hall

October 18 — Revere, MA @ Oceanside Event Center

October 19 — Newburgh, NY @ Newburgh Armory

October 20 — Woodside, NY @ La Boom Night Club.         

October 26 — Indianapolis, IN @ Chispas Discotheque

October 27 — Columbus, OH @ La Boom Columbus