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Thirty Tigers Executive Bob Goldstone Dead at 67

Bob Goldstone, the vp of sales at Thirty Tigers, died on Sunday shortly after a bicycling accident near his home in Tennessee.

Thirty Tigers executive Bob Goldstone died over the holiday weekend following a bicycling accident in Tennessee. Goldstone, who was vp of sales at the Nashville-based marketing, distribution and management firm, suffered severe injuries while riding near his Pegram, Tenn. home on Sunday, July 3. He was 67.

Goldstone began working at Thirty Tigers in 2003, a year after the company’s formation. He was also an owner. In a message posted to the Thirty Tigers website, Goldstone was described as an “integral part of the business and the spirit” of the company, whose “passion for music was only surpassed by his love for his family and friends.”

“Bob was my friend first and foremost, Thirty Tigers president David Macias writes. “A more loving and lovely man you could never find. Love is one of our core values, and Bob was the ultimate in that regard. He cared so much, and there will never be another like him. Never, ever. He loved music. Lord, did he love music and felt it deeply. It’s not always like that in this business. He was as passionate about ‘the good stuff.’ as he was when I met him many years ago. And above all, he was about his family. Tami and Emma were at the center of his life, and he loved them so much.”

“He was intensely proud of his part in creating an environment where his loving nature and strong commitment to being of service to their clients was paramount,” the company added in a statement provided to Billboard. “It was second nature to him.”

Prior to landing at Thirty Tigers, Goldstone worked as a regional community relations director at Tower Records. Earlier, he was vp of sales and marketing at Capricorn Records, where he helped break major rock acts including Widespread Panic, 311 and Cake. His lengthy music career, which began in a record store in 1972, also included tenures at Lieberman Enterprises, IRS Records, Mercury Nashville and Eminent Records, where he achieved a career high by working with Emmylou Harris.

Goldstone is survived by his wife Tami and step-daughter Emma. Services are pending.

This article will be updated as more information is provided.