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Spotify Removes Blood on the Dance Floor’s Music for Violating Prohibited Content Guidelines

Spotify has removed the entire catalogue of electronic music group Blood on the Dance Floor from its platform, the company confirmed on Tuesday (April 23).

Spotify has removed the entire catalogue of electronic music group Blood on the Dance Floor from its platform, the company confirmed on Tuesday (April 23).

Though the removal comes amid multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault against the group’s vocalist Dahvie Vanity (née Jesus David Torres), Spotify confirmed that the content was removed for violating its prohibited content guidelines, not as a result of the allegations.

Pressed for details, a spokesperson for Spotify said the company doesn’t comment on individual cases, though it seems likely that the group’s music — which contains frequent references to the degradation, abuse and even murder of women — was removed under the “Hate Content” portion of the service’s guidelines, defined as “content that expressly and principally promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence against a group or individual based on characteristics, including, race, religion, gender identity, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability.”


Users on Twitter began reporting the removal of the band’s music on Sunday (April 21).  

Torres, now 34, has been accused by multiple women of various offenses, including molestation, forced oral sex and vaginal and anal rape. The current string of allegations stemmed from an August 2018 exposé published on the music website MetalSucks, followed by a December 2018 exposé on HuffPost. A second HuffPost exposé published earlier this month brought the total number of accusers to 21. Of those, 16 claim they were underage at the time of the alleged assault, including two who say there were just 13.

Sexual assault allegations were first lodged against Torres in June 2007, when 14-year-old Dianna Farrell told police that the singer forced her to perform oral sex on him at her Florida home. The police dropped that case when Farrell reportedly refused to cooperate with the investigation. In 2009, while on tour with Blood on the Dance Floor, Torres was arrested in the middle of a Denver concert for allegedly forcing another teenage girl to perform oral sex on him in a van prior to the show. He was released from jail a few days later under “unclear” circumstances, according to HuffPost.

Torres came under further scrutiny in 2010 when Blood on the Dance Floor uploaded — and later deleted — a YouTube video that showed the singer pushing a seemingly-intoxicated young woman to the ground and prodding her to flash the camera. A number of Torres’ former bandmates and touring partners have since publicly accused him of disturbing behavior toward teenage girls, including former Blood on the Dance Floor members Brian Griffis (“Jayy Von Monroe”) and Garrett McLaughlin (“Garrett Ecstasy”).

Blood on the Dance Floor formed in Orlando, Florida in 2007 and have released 11 studio albums under a rotating lineup. Torres is the sole remaining member of the group.