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Blackpink Preview Livestream Concert, Perform ‘Pretty Savage’ on ‘Late Late Show’

Blackpink dialed in to The Late Late Show on Wednesday night (Jan. 27) to preview their upcoming livestream The Show and perform the upbeat "Pretty Savage."

BLACKPINK dialed in to The Late Late Show on Wednesday night (Jan. 27) to preview Sunday night’s (Jan. 31) livestream concert The Show and perform a high-energy run through their single “Pretty Savage.” Before they hit the stage, though, Lisa described the K-pop group’s mandatory pre-show ritual, which includes what she said was a “low-five.”

Now, in case you’re not familiar, it’s that thing where you put all your hands in together and count “1, 2, 3!” and then glumly drop them with a halfhearted “oh.” They all got a laugh at the low-energy pump-up, but were actually excited to talk about The Show. “Since it’s our first virtual concert we were very worried at the start, but preparing it it was so much fun for the past couple of months,” said Jennie, who noted that the quartet were speaking to host James Corden from the venue where they will perform on Saturday.


Rosé also talked about how excited she is to premiere her new solo single at the show, telling Corden, “to be able to sing my song at the concert for my fans that in itself is really exciting. I’m sure that a lo lot of my fans have been waiting and they are really excited for it.”

And then they hit the stage for the eye-popping “Pretty Savage,” with each woman dressed in a black and white shorts and top outfit rocking a fog-filled stage exploding with flashing neon and brightly colored lasers, a ripping live band keeping the beat behind them.

Watch Blackpink on The Late Late Show below.