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Billboard Presents ‘Electric Asia Vol. 2’ With KSHMR, Jason Zhang & More

This installment includes tracks from artists representing China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and India.

In the summer of 2017, Billboard opened an audible window to the world of Asia’s expansive electronic music scene with the compilation album Electric Asia Vol. 1. It’s the fastest-growing market for dance in the world, and there’s a hungry excitement for house, techno, electro and trap vibes throughout the varied continent. Local talent is rife with experimentation and pop potential, so much so that we’re ready to bring you on board again with Electric Asia Vol. 2.

This installment includes tracks from artists representing China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and India, including “Lucky Chances,” an exciting collaboration from KSHMR and Jason Zhang, one of China’s top pop talents.

“I live in Los Angeles, but I also consider India my home,” KSHMR says in an emailed statement. “India is such a massive country and in many ways, it’s very traditional. There are so many young entrepreneurs that are changing things. It’s an interesting time for the country and whenever young people play a strong role. It’s an exciting time for me.”


The 15-track compilation opens with a lively electro-pop tune from Lizzy Wang, a Chinese producer, singer and songwriter who sings the uplifting message of “Chasing The Light” in English.

“There’s a lot of excitement and energy in China,” says Wang in an emailed statement. “It’s exciting to see Chinese fans embracing electronic music more and more, and to see Chinese artist working with international artists … I have so many ideas on the way to incorporate Eastern and Western cultures into different types of music, and I’m constantly exploring possibilities to collaborate and make those ideas come to life. ‘Chasing the Light’ is just the beginning. I can’t wait to also show the world what emerging artists in Asia can do.”

Japan’s iamSHUM has two tracks on the release; dance-pop tune “Beating Heart” featuring Thai singer Namcha, and wild instrumental “Let’s Carnival!”

“Festivals such as Ultra Japan and EDC are being held … and Japanese clubs are also very exciting, but it is true that there are no Japanese producers hitting the world. I hope to change that,” says iamSHUM in an emailed statement. “Originally, I was making J-Pop, and I think there are (still some J-Pop) melodic lines and songs (in my music). Because the melody is catchy, J-Pop is easy to listen to for Japanese people, but I hear it is a bit daunting to send overseas, so I’m making J – Pop filtered (with) overseas dance music and making it easy for any country to hear.”

Electric Asia Vol. 2 also features an exclusive remix of Chinese star Tia’s hit “Pink Power” by Hong Kong producer Silverstrike, an unreleased tune from Vietnam’s rising star Hoaprox, an exclusive from China’s Mickey Zhang, and Indian star Sonu Nigam’s first-ever English-language release featuring another forward-thinking friend, MC Yogi.


“It’s a global phenomenon,” MC Yogi says in an emailed statement. “Dance music has taken over and it’s in large part because of our basic need as human beings to release stress and decompress from the pressures of our modern world. Dancing at festivals or in the club is a great way to free ourselves up and shake off the dust. It’ll keep growing evolving and changing, but ultimately one thing will always remain, when the drum kicks. You gotta move to that undeniable beat.”

All in all, Electric Asia Vol. 2 hopes to shed light on the emerging talent across the Asian continent. There are some exciting new sounds in this installment. Listen to each evolving voice below.

Billboard Presents 'Electric Asia Vol. 2'