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Billboard Hot 100 Celebrates 3,000th Week of Charting the Hits

The new Hot 100, dated Jan. 30, marks the 3,000th since its Aug. 4, 1958, launch.

On Aug. 4, 1958, Billboard premiered the Billboard Hot 100, touting it as the “fastest, most complete and most sensitive index to the popularity of recorded music in America. This new chart feature, which each week will list the 100 most popular recorded sides, is a guide to potential, as well as the current hits.”

It seems safe to say that the chart has caught on, as the latest list, dated Jan. 30, marks the 3,000th Hot 100 ever tabulated. (Shout-out to reader Jay Kibler for pointing out the anniversary in an email earlier this month.)


Seymour Stein on His Billboard Beginning & How the Hot 100 Was Born: Exclusive

Since the Hot 100’s start, approximately 26,400 songs have hit the chart, with roughly 12,100 of those reaching the top 40 and 4,600 rising to the top 10. 1,049 have hit No. 1. (So, about 1 of every 26 songs that debuts on the Hot 100 goes on to hit No. 1, historically.)

In honor of the milestone chart, let’s run down 10 other key numbers from the Hot 100’s 3,000-week history.

1,714: Total weeks that Lil Wayne has spent on the Hot 100 (combining the chart weeks of all his Hot 100 hits), the most of any act.

2.86: Average number of weeks at No. 1 for every Hot 100 leader, of the 1,049 total toppers (from the first, Ricky Nelson‘s “Poor Little Fool,” to the current ruler, Justin Bieber‘s “Sorry”).

Greatest of All Time: Top 100 Hot 100 Songs

207: The most entries any act has placed on the Hot 100. The cast of Fox’s Glee holds the mark with 207, all logged between 2009 and 2013.

38: The most top 10 hits any act has placed on the Hot 100. Madonna‘s sum of 38 outpaces runners-up the Beatles‘ 34.

20: The most No. 1s any act has collected on the Hot 100, by the Beatles in 1964-70. The Fab Four reigned as the Hot 100’s top act when Billboard tallied the chart’s all-time top artists last year. Chubby Checker‘s “The Twist” rules as the Hot 100’s all-time top song.

Greatest of All Time: Top 100 Hot 100 Artists

17: Most titles an artist has placed on the Hot 100 simultaneously. Bieber broke the mark of 14, held by the Beatles and Drake, on the Dec. 5, 2015 chart (as his album Purpose debuted atop the Billboard 200).

715: On April 15, 1972, aka, the 715th Hot 100, David Bowie made his debut on the chart, as “Changes” entered at No. 96. This week (2,285 charts later), the late icon debuts his latest Hot 100 hits, as “Lazarus” launches at No. 40 and “Blackstar” begins at No. 78.

2: Number of Hot 100 charted songs with “3000” in their titles. Brian Hyland‘s “3000 Miles” squeaked to a No. 99 peak in 1966 and Jonas Brothers‘ “Year 3000” hit No. 31 in (year) 2007.

1: Number of Hot 100 charted artists with “3000” in their names. Andre 3000 tallied six entries in 2008-12, rising as high as No. 24 in 2008 as a featured artist on John Legend‘s “Green Light.”

And …

2035: The year the Hot 100 is set for its 4,000th chart. And, the more things change, the more things stay the same: the No. 1 song on the 1,000th Hot 100, dated Oct. 1, 1977? Meco’s “Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band.” Perhaps the 4,000th Hot 100 will boast another song from the film franchise that will still surely be going strong 19 years, and another 1,000 charts, from now.