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Big Pun’s Widow Sues Walmart Over Unauthorized Merch

Walmart is facing a major lawsuit… again.

Walmart is facing a major lawsuit… again. Big Pun’s widow, Liza Rios, is reportedly suing the department store for trademark infringement after it sold a series of merchandise using Pun’s likeness without permission.

Rios reportedly got the trademark for her husband after he died in 2000, TMZ reports. She alleges the retail company sold t-shirts, phone cases, and more items using Pun’s image. Some of those items reportedly feature a silhouette of Pun jumping like Michael Jordan while holding a microphone in his hand. Other merch items have clear images of Pun’s face.


In addition to receiving the profits from those items, Rios is also suing for an injunction to block further sales, along with a $10 million bill for statutory damages from Walmart’s manufacturers, Redbubble and Cloudfare.

This is the first time Pun’s wife has filed legal charges against any company or person regarding her husband. She previously wanted to sue Fat Joe, after accusing him of rejecting her to rights of the money made off of Pun’s music career, but never filed.

This isn’t the first legal hiccup for Walmart however. Most recently, 2Chainz accused the company of stealing his popular Dabbin’ Santa designs. The rapper threatened  to seek legal action against the stores, although it’s unclear if he actually went through with it.

This article was originally published by Vibe.