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Beck Returns to Funk With ‘Dreams’ From Upcoming Album

The rocker unveils "Dreams," his first release from the follow-up to 2014's Grammy-winning Morning Phase.

It’s official: Fun Beck is back.

The innovative rocker released the funky track “Dreams” on June 15, which he confirmed was the first single from his upcoming 10th studio album in an interview with the radio station Alt 98.7 in Los Angeles. Upon release, the track shot to No. 1 on the Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 chart.

The smooth groove is a stark departure from the rocker’s previous album, the folk-leaning Morning Phase. In “Dreams,” Beck gives his falsetto a workout as it slides along a slick mix of guitars and thumping drums.

Speaking to Alt 98.7, the rocker revealed that he has been working on “Dreams” and its (yet untitled) parent album for a few years, and called the upcoming set “probably the opposite [of Morning Phase]. I was really trying to make something that would be good to play live. It started as kind of this heavy garage-rock kind of thing, and it became much more dance or some other kind of hybrid. It’s just kind of this raw energy thing, and this has a beat as well.”


Beck’s forthcoming album follows the aforementioned Morning Phase, which scored the music veteran three Grammy Awards earlier this year, including a surprising (and controversial) win for album of the year.