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Apple to Bury Beats Music on Nov. 30

"Beats Music ends on November 30," the company says in a new support message, adding that all subscriptions will be canceled and users should switch to Apple Music "right now."

The end is nigh for Beats Music, the curation-loving streaming service that was purchased (and replaced) by Apple. “Beats Music ends on November 30,” the company says in a new support message, adding that all subscriptions will be canceled and users should switch to Apple Music “right now.”

Beats subscribers who stream music through their Sonos home systems were also told of the closureSonos users are being encouraged to join Apple Music and port their playlists and preferences to that service ahead of its upcoming launch.

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Apple acquired Beats Music in April 2014 for $3 billion. Soon, founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, along with creative officer Trent Reznor, moved their office name plates to Cuppertino and started developing what became Apple Music.

Since its launch on June 30, Apple Music has attracted 6.5 million paying subscribers and 8.5 million users, according to numbers shared last month. Those numbers put Apple Music in second place in the streaming market, behind Spotify’s 20 million. Apple Music became available to Android phone users this week.

Via Beats:

Beats Music ends on November 30. Your subscription will be cancelled, but you can move your picks and preferences over to Apple Music right now.

All the pros that curated music for you are still crafting more amazing experiences. Plus, on Apple Music, you’ll get even better recommendations based on music you already listen to and love, 24/7 global radio with Beats 1, exciting material from your favorite artist, and more.

Via Sonos:

Beats Music is ending on November 30 and is no longer accepting signups on Sonos. Apple Music is coming to Sonos soon, and Beats Music users will receive an invitation. Join Apple Music now—free for the first three months—to move over your playlists and music preferences and get ready for the upcoming launch.

What happens if I’m currently a Beats Music user on Sonos?
Starting November 30, you will not be able to use Beats Music on Sonos. However, you can keep your playlists and preferences from Beats Music if you join Apple Music from your iOS device, Android, Mac, or PC.

If I move my music to Apple Music, when will it be available on Sonos?
You’ll be able to play your music on Sonos soon. Stay tuned.

What is Apple Music?
Apple Music brings you the world’s music with more than 30 million tracks, handpicked recommendations based on the music you listen to and love, worldwide radio with Beats 1, and more.